Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain review

Risk of Rain is an immaculate platformer. From each precisely-timed leap that carries you from harm's way, to the crispy pixel visuals of you gunning down a preposterous giant crab, to the looming, grandiose soundtrack, right down to you laughing at the jokes in the main menu's unlockable encyclopedia: absolutely everything is as it should be.

That's the first thing you'll notice. The second thing you'll notice about Risk of Rain, perhaps 15 minutes in, is that it's not particularly interested in being perfect. Beneath its veneer of professionalism, this game is as mad as a bag of legs.

Risk of Rain's plot - your cargo ship crash-lands on a hostile world, sprinkling its varied cargo across the surface, you have to use what you find to survive, GO! - isn't what powers it. Nor, really, does the traditional roguelike urge to see what content lurks beyond your best play-through.

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