Risen 2: Dark Waters Reviews

Risen 2: Dark Waters Review

Risen 2: Dark Waters Review

Splash damaged.

Since time began, Piranha Bytes' RPGs have always had one thing in common. They are "interesting", much as Oblivion was less "interesting" than Morrowind, and sipping coffee is less "interesting" than drinking Mr. Muscle. A peek at Piranha Bytes' releases reveals games that are ambitious, rickety and, above all, kind of a dick.

Their attitude is that players should be set free not just to explore, but to make their own mistakes or tell their own story at the expense of the plot. Most recently, 2009's Risen dropped you like an amoral alka-seltzer into a world full of competing factions, where you could not only pick a fight with any NPC, but if you defeated them, you'd get to make that final, fatal call of whether to help them up or deliver a lackadaisical killing blow (which returns in Risen 2).

In the end, Risen wasn't a wise purchase due to writing, voice-acting, balance, combat and bugs that meant it was about as stable as a three-legged giraffe - but like that same giraffe, it had heart. It was the same story in the slightly more hardcore Gothic games before that - which, among other things, made Orcs a faction with their own culture and motives that you could actually side with. Talking to the monsters! Good stuff.

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