Risen 2: Dark Waters


VideoRisen 2: Dark Waters dev diary details fighting

Piranha Bytes regurgitates new gameplay info.

VideoSwashbuckling new Risen 2 gameplay videos

The promising RPG from Gothic maker Piranha Bytes.

VideoRisen 2 behind the scenes trailer talks music

Piranha Bytes' piratical soundscape explored.

Key events

THQ Nordic acquires... Gothic creator Piranha Bytes

Sounds like Elex 2 is in the works.

Gothic/Risen dev reveals "edgy" new post-apoc open-world RPG ELEX

A huge, seamless game world for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Risen 3 announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, due August

Near Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3.

UK Top 40: Sniper Elite V2 lines up first place

Prototype 2 shot down to second.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Review

Splash damaged.

Risen 2 PS3, Xbox 360 delayed again

PC version unaffected.

VideoRisen 2: Dark Waters dev diary details fighting

Piranha Bytes regurgitates new gameplay info.

VideoSwashbuckling new Risen 2 gameplay videos

The promising RPG from Gothic maker Piranha Bytes.

VideoRisen 2 behind the scenes trailer talks music

Piranha Bytes' piratical soundscape explored.

Risen 2 Collector's Edition revealed

Pirate Flag! Amulet! Stickers! 70!

Risen 2 pre-order bonus DLC revealed

Extra story questline, legendary item on offer.

Risen 2: Dark Waters screenshots soak in

Piratical role-player lands 27th April.

Risen 2: Dark Waters release date announced

Pirate RPG out April 2012.

VideoRisen 2: making of the world video

Introducing the Terrain Engine.

Swashbuckling new Risen 2 screens

Fantasy role-player coming early next year.

Deep Silver to ship 1m copies of Risen 2

Investing in Risen brand.

VideoA rousing Risen 2 video

From the makers of Gothic.

Buccaneering Risen 2 screenshots

New images full of cutlasses and crocodiles.

Risen 2: Dark Waters images leak in

Steel yourself for these cutlass-waving shots.

Why Gothic dev Piranha dumped JoWooD

And what happens next for the Gothic IP.

VideoDebut Risen 2 trailer released

RPG sequel promises pirates, voodoo, squid.

Risen 2 confirmed for PlayStation 3

But when will it launch?

First Risen 2: Dark Waters details

Pirate theme, 80 per cent done.

Swashbuckling new Risen 2 screens

Deep Silver plots a course for Dark Waters.