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Rise of Nightmares

Rise of Nightmares

Cheese before bedtime.

"Where are our games?" So wailed the gaming hardcore when Kinect galloped into view, bringing with it cuddly animals, carnival games and Avatars playing volleyball. "Oh, don't worry, we'll get around to you eventually," replied the games industry (speaking as one for the sake of a clumsy review intro). "We'll make some hardcore games with some blood and swearing, and maybe a bit of side-boob if you're lucky."

Cue Rise of Nightmares, a proper, 18-rated marathon of gore in which you hack zombies to pieces and there are sexy ladies in short skirts and characters say "f**k" and it's totally for grown-up gamers who crave mature adult entertainment.

Or maybe not, but Sega at least deserves credit for trying to make an actual action game on Kinect. It would have been very easy to stick the player on rails, throw in some crude hand-slashing, make with the entrails and call it a day. That Rise of Nightmares offers freedom of movement in a three-dimensional world is reason enough to at least salute the noble intentions on display.

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