Rise of the Argonauts News

Rise of the Argonauts misses November

But Codemasters still aiming for Christmas.

Codemasters has told Eurogamer that action role-playing game Rise of the Argonauts has slipped out of November. The plan, however, is still to launch before Christmas.

Rise of the Argonauts trailer

Rise of the Argonauts trailer

Plus shots and details.

Codemasters is showing off more of its swanky upcoming action-RPG Rise of the Argonauts, in development at Liquid Entertainment and due out next year on PC and "major console platforms" - thought to be PS3 and Xbox 360.

You can catch the latest trailer on Eurogamer TV now, while screenshots are ready to be viewed through the reflective inner surface of your shield in our Rise of the Argonauts screenshot gallery.

As the name suggests, RotA puts you into the Kingly shoes of Jason, ruler of Iolchis, on a quest alongside mythological heroes Hercules, Achilles, Atalanta and others, exploring the islands of Aegean and trying to earn the favour of the gods.

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