Rinth Island

App of the Day: Rinth Island

The first obvious point of reference for gamers of a certain age is Nebulus, John M. Philips' flashy puzzle-platformer that first released in the 8-bit era. The title's most striking, defining feature was a clever piece of graphical trickery: a 3D tower that rotated as the player moved left or right.

Rinth Island follows the same basic design template, each of its levels structured as a vertical tube, around which you must shove blocks, flip switches, clamber up and down ladders and blow stuff up until you reach your goal.

If the concept is '80s, the visual inspiration is pure noughties. Redolent of Nintendo's Wind Waker and Capcom's Zack and Wiki, the eponymous island is all charm, your adventure beginning as two friends are washed up on shore after a violent storm.

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