Ring Fling

App of the Day: Ring Fling

App of the Day: Ring Fling

What the puck.

I'm good at two of the most pointless sports in human existence. As a youngster, I developed into a surprisingly decent air hockey player; presumably because growing up in Guernsey left me with nothing else to do other than stand in a fag-ash stained arcade slinging pucks around. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm still undefeated in the truest test of a man's worth on this planet: thumb war.

Never did I expect these trivial accomplishments to come to any use, until I stumbled across Ring Fling, a splendid multiplayer iPad game that's almost criminally addictive.

The setup is a little confusing at first, but after one game it all makes sense. Each corner of the screen is a 'zone', from where a player or AI can fling rings at a star-shaped puck the developers call a 'jaggy'. The object is to force the jaggy into an opponent's zone, and doing so awards a point to everyone who wasn't stupid enough to concede. First to ten wins. Easy.

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