Rift Videos

VideoRift: Storm Legion Volan boss video

A gigantic encounter in the game's first expansion.

VideoRift Storm Legion expansion cinematic trailer

Sultry-voiced lady sounds mean.

VideoRift 1.6 developer video diary

Behind the scenes of the new Ember Isle update.

VideoMMO player proposes in Rift

In-game and in real life.

VideoRift patch 1.3 footage shown

Enhancements arrive 22nd June.

VideoRift footage shows off Mage class

Spells! Undead! Rabbit killing!

VideoLatest Rift footage struts in

Wearing a lovely red dress.

VideoRiotous Rift trailer shows off gameplay

Watch havocking sped-up battle scenes.

VideoTrion showcases Rift class system

MMO grinding for 4th March launch.

VideoTrion MMO Rift takes a pop at WOW

"We're not in Azeroth anymore."

VideoRift: Planes of Telara footage

Scarlet Gorge trailer.

VideoRift: Planes of Telara teaser

Latest footage of the MMO.