Revenge of the Titans

Game of the Week: Revenge of the Titans

Defending tower defence.

To say that there's literally nothing out this week would be unfair to Tecmo Koei and the Dynasty Warriors series' loyal following: look out for Simon Parkin's review of Dynasty Warriors 7 – yes, seven – next week.

Revenge of the Titans

Revenge of the Titans

Colour clash.

It's the best of times and the worst of times for tower defence games. While it's a fine thing to have no shortage of choice, the App Store, Kongregate et al being flooded with clones of clones of clones of clones risks diluting the raw appeal of building a bunch of big guns and watching them automatically decimate a marching army of morons.

So Revenge of the Titans being nominally a tower defence game is going to send a fair few potential fans running for the hills. But to lump Titans in with its legion of apparent genre-mates would be a terrible shame, as its raison d'ętre is to break tower defence down and rebuild it as something new, fresh and intense.

Let's start with a key difference. Rather than marching past your towers and getting blindly shot to buggery, the titular invading Titans will instead make a beeline for towers in their line of sight and do their very best to knock them down. This can be heartbreaking. In seconds, a carefully laid and horrifyingly expensive array of Multiblasters and Blast Cannons, supported by gizmos to decrease their reload time, increase their rate of fire and lengthen their detection radius, can be stomped into the ground by a horde of pixel-art alien fiends.

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