Retro Racing

App of the Day: Retro Racing

The last week has seen many of us frothing over PlayStation Vita's wonderful little top-down arcade racing game MotorStorm RC, created by a team of thoughtful developers at a traditional games studio and laden with cool features like cross-console leaderboard competition. It's the vision of a desirable future: less than a fiver for a classically designed game that works on your handheld and your console and uses the internet to coordinate progress across both.

I love MotorStorm RC for all sorts of reasons. But unfortunately for Sony, while I was waiting for it to download from the PlayStation Store I fired up my iPhone and had a crack on Retro Racing, a game by industry veteran Jamie Woodhouse, who is nowadays a one-man smartphone game studio called Mr Qwak. And, um, it's a top-down arcade racing game. Oh well, another 69p lost to the opposition, but from Sony's perspective I suppose at least I bought both.

Whereas a lot of smartphone and tablet racers opt for landscape view and tilt controls, Retro Racing is deliberately set up like classic arcade titles of the 80s with a portrait view, and on-screen digital controls: left, right and accelerate. There is no brake, although you slow precipitously when you move your finger away, and can use this in combination with well-timed steering to power-slide into corners. It's simple to pick up, then.

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