Resogun Features

Digital FoundryHow Housemarque engineered Resogun for 4K

The story behind the beautiful ultra HD PS4 Pro update.

FeatureHow Housemarque is turning to its past for its future

Eugene Jarvis, arcade cabinets and what's next for Helsinki's oldest studio.

FeatureWhat's next for Housemarque?

Reflecting on the success of Resogun, and the Finnish developer's future plans for PlayStation 4.

Digital FoundryNext-Gen Now: Killzone Shadow Fall, Resogun and Knack

Digital Foundry serves up 1080p60 video downloads and performance analysis for Sony's major PS4 launch exclusives.

FeatureIndies and the next generation of consoles

Inside Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony's fight for the future.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry vs. Resogun

Head-to-head with Housemarque, plus exclusive PlayStation 4 60fps gameplay video.