Resistance Retribution News

Sony ends Resistance

"No definitive plans" for shooter series.

Insomniac confirms it won't make more Resistance games

Developer moves on from PlayStation exclusive shooter series.

Insomniac "not slated" to do Resistance 4

Can see another dev taking on franchise.

NGP's backwards compatibility unveiled

PSN's PSP titles to be given full support.

Insomniac not making games for NGP

"Totally focused" on PS3, Xbox 360.

PSP's adhocParty system for Europe

Play ad hoc-only games over the internet.

Resistance 3 announced?

Mysterious billboard spills beans.

Euro Resistance PSP date unconfirmed

Still subject to change, says Sony.

Resistance 2/PSP to work in harmony

Extra content and PS3 pad controls.

Sony's first day TGS trailer roundup

Horses, clothes, detectives, cats.

Sony details Resistance Retribution

Third-person action adventure for PSP.

Sony reveals Resistance for PSP

Plus LocoRoco 2, Super Stardust Portable.