Resistance 3 News

Insomniac's Ted Price on how to make a great game

"Do one thing better than everyone else."

Sony ends Resistance

"No definitive plans" for shooter series.

Sony confirms Resistance: The Trilogy release

First three PS3 games bundled up.

Insomniac confirms it won't make more Resistance games

Developer moves on from PlayStation exclusive shooter series.

EU PlayStation Store update 7th December

BF3: Back to Karkand! Mortal Kombat! Ratchet for Ł49.99!

Resistance 3 gets Brutality Pack DLC tomorrow

Co-op survival mode for Insomniac's shooter.

Resistance 3 sales well down on R2

FPS sequel moves 180k in the US.

UK Top 40: Dead Island defeats Deus Ex

Space Marine, Resistance 3 in top five.

Out This Week - 09/09/11

Island! Fox! Resistance! Marine! Shaddai!

EU PlayStation Store update 31st August

The Baconing! Bodycount! Resistance 3!

PlayStation Access hits Birmingham

Play Team Ico HD Collection early.

Insomniac "not slated" to do Resistance 4

Can see another dev taking on franchise.

Sony reveals Resistance 3 trophy list

Warning: spoilers within.

PlayStation Access tour announced

Resistance 3, Ico in London, Birmingham.

Out This Week - 12/08/11

Fruit Ninja Kinect! Resistance 3 beta! 3DS cheap!

Day one patch for Resistance 3

Last minute changes planned post-beta.

Resistance 3 beta dated and detailed

Decimate Wales' coastline from next month.

Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 at EG Expo

Uncharted 3 developer session confirmed.

Insomniac announces Global Resistance

Unlock exclusive Resistance 3 items.

Sony's World Game Project revealed

Western game demos hit Japan.

Resistance 3 comes with three demos

Killzone 3! inFamous 2! MotorStorm!

Sony makes PSN Pass official

Single use code grants full online access.

What is PSN Pass?

Resistance 3 PS3 bundle spills beans.

PlayStation 3 game collections unveiled

Contain Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 treats.

Sony announces Uncharted Collection

Plus Resistance, Ratchet & Clank sets.

Resistance 3 release date announced

Special editions, pre-order extras detailed.

Resistance 3 demo with Battle: LA Blu-ray

30 minute sampler shows off swamp stage.

Resistance 3 demo is PS Plus exclusive

Multiplayer sampler due soon.

Insomniac not making games for NGP

"Totally focused" on PS3, Xbox 360.

Resistance 3 supports Move, 3D

And the Sharp Shooter.

Resistance dev opens Insomniac Click

Web and mobile division to focus on fun.

Resistance 3 online multiplayer shrinks

New abilities detailed. Beta this year.

Fancy a starring role in Resistance 3?

Sony wants to see your warface.

New Resistance novel announced

Plugs gap between second and third games.

Resistance 3 multiplayer "more focused"

Has been in development for two years.

Resistance 3 gets split-screen co-op

Plus, new concept art released.

Resistance 3 won't be the last

Insomniac not ready to put shooter to bed.

Resistance 3 unveiled at gamescom

It's out next year, says Insomniac.