Resident Evil Revelations Videos

VideoWatch: Where did Resident Evil go wrong?

Here's this week's Eurogamer Show. Podcast #98 RE Revelations

Tom Phillips, Martin Robinson and Tom C discuss the joys of Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS and the console's new circle pad pro accessory.

VideoExplosive new Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS footage

Capcom's classic scarefest returns next week.

VideoResident Evil: Revelations trailer

Extended vid lays on the exposition.

VideoResident Evil: Revelations 3DS trailer

Rachel debuts in derelict cruise ship.

VideoMore Resi Evil: Revelations footage

Exploring some aircraft wreckage.

VideoResident Evil: Revelations story trailer

Chris! Jill! Baddies! Zombie fish!

VideoNew Resident Evil Revelations trailer

Jill Valentine takes some names.

VideoResident Evil: Mercenaries 3D footage

Resi: Revelations demo teased too.

VideoCapcom showcases Resident Evil on 3DS

Mercenaries 3D, Revelations demoed.

VideoResident Evil: Revelations 3DS trailer

Apparently all rendered, in real time, in the 3DS engine...