Resident Evil Revelations News

Third Resident Evil CGI film announced

Due next year, features Leon on a motorcycle.

UK chart: revived Resident Evil: Revelations captures top spot

Donkey Kong Country Returns to the chart, too.

Resident Evil: Revelations introduces wacky new costumes

Ninja Keith, pirate Jill, and male stripper Chris.

SNES classic Super Metroid just 30p on Wii U eShop

Plus a Resi Revelations demo and Super Mario Bros. 2.

Resident Evil: Revelations will get a Season Pass

Big-screen conversion to receive four slices of DLC.

Resident Evil: Revelations Wii U lets you give monsters speech bubbles

Miiverse integration detailed, another new character announced.

Resident Evil: Revelations port gets devilish new Infernal Mode

Fresh trailer offers a Hunk of new gameplay footage.

First gameplay footage of Resident Evil: Revelations on consoles REvealed

UPDATE: Will add randomised enemy and item placement.

Resident Evil: Revelations Wii U won't support Wiimote controls

Even though they were fantastic in Resi 4 Wii.

Capcom: "there is a possibility" of Resident Evil series reboot

After Resident 6, where will the series go? Producer Kawata shares his thoughts.

Capcom addresses why Resident Evil: Revelations isn't coming to Vita

"3DS and PS Vita infrastructure let alone developing games for them are extremely different beasts."

3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations listed for PS3, Xbox 360 release

3DS horror coming to the big screen, ratings board suggests.

Resident Evil Degeneration-Damnation-Downfall 3D spotted for 3DS

Downfall set between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

Capcom: survival horror market too small for Resident Evil

"We need to keep going in the action-oriented direction."

Capcom "embarrassed" by Resident Evil: Revelaitons

But Resi 6 pre-orders "best" for series so far.

Kawata agrees with Inafune: "We Japanese developers need to re-evaluate"

Also promises more offshoot Resident Evil titles alongside RE6.

Capcom details Resident Evil: Revelations typo fix

US customers can request a new sleeve.

Japan chart: Vita finally outsells the PSP

Big debuts for Resident Evil: Revelations, Armored Core.

UK Top 40: Resident Evil: Revelations lands sixth

While FIFA 12 scores top spot again.

Capcom botches Resident Evil: Revelations packaging

UPDATE: First production run will carry the error.

Resident Evil: Revelations should have number in title - producer

Wanted to "remove any dissatisfaction from before".

Is Capcom teasing Resident Evil 6?

Mysterious viral campaign spotted.

Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS demo release date

Tomorrow, and first of many eShop samplers.

Resident Evil: Revelations StreetPass details

Herb it through the grapevine.

Resident Evil: Revelations demo announced

3DS taster confirmed for Europe.

Nintendo dates 2012 3DS, Wii, DS software line-up

Luigi's Mansion 2! Kid Icarus! Pandora's Tower!

3DS Circle Pad Pro thumbstick release date

Bundled with Resident Evil: Revelations in January.

Resident Evil Revelations online initially locked

Until you complete the game's 10 hour story.

EA: multiplayer now an "expectation"

But single-player only isn't dead.

Capcom: Resident Evil 4 and 5 didn't ditch horror

Japanese company discusses "confused messaging".

Circle Pad Pro confirmed as 3DS thumbstick add-on name

"The right way to play Resident Evil" says Capcom.

Resident Evil: Revelations unveils co-op Raid Mode

Plus: you can reset your game save data.

Resident Evil: Revelations has co-op

Two player local and online play.

Resident Evil: Revelations release date

January launch for new 3DS adventure.

3DS circle pad price, date, games

Resi! MGS! Ace Combat! Kingdom Hearts!

New Resident Evil: Retribution details

Anderson directing. Jill "being recast".

No co-op for Resident Evil: Revelations

Capcom confirms it's single-player only.

Jovovich outs Resident Evil: Retribution

Tokyo scenes confirmed for next movie.

Resident Evil 3DS re-uses console assets

"Blurs" portable/console visual divide.

Resident Evil: Revelations is "pure horror"

Capcom: 3DS title will be too scary to finish.