Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D News

Kawata agrees with Inafune: "We Japanese developers need to re-evaluate"

Also promises more offshoot Resident Evil titles alongside RE6.

Capcom: Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D "performed solidly"

SSF4: Arcade Edition "basically achieved projected sales".

Anderson: directors don't know games

Tomb Raider "wasn't very good."

Lovefilm on Super Monkey Ball 3D rentals

Why you can rent SMB but not Resi Evil.

Lovefilm halts Resi Evil 3DS rentals

Blames lack of a save reset feature.

Capcom: Resi Evil save system a one-off

US boss doubts we'll see it repeated.

UK top 40: Zumba conquers all

Resi 3DS and UFC fitness game struggle.

Capcom defends Resi: Mercs save system

"It's not some secret form of DRM."

EB Australia to recall Resident Evil 3D?

No save data reset reportedly to blame.

Out This Week - 01/07/11

Resi Mercs! UFC! Dynasty Warriors!

Capcom: Resi Evil 3DS will retain value

Despite inability to wipe save data.

Resi Evil: Mercs 3D: no save data reset

To combat second hand sales?

Why Leon isn't in Resi Evil Mercs 3D

No plan for DLC characters.

Resi Evil Mercenaries 3D UK release date

Bonus mode gets chance to shine.

Jovovich outs Resident Evil: Retribution

Tokyo scenes confirmed for next movie.

Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for July

Nintendo distributes shooter in Europe.

Resident Evil 3DS re-uses console assets

"Blurs" portable/console visual divide.

The most popular Resi Evil characters

Are not who you might think.

Resident Evil: Revelations is "pure horror"

Capcom: 3DS title will be too scary to finish.

Resi Mercs, Mega Man Legends for 3DS

Inafune personally overseeing latter.