Resident Evil 6 Features

Feature | Resident Evil 6: Zombie Dinosaur!

Wanted: One Asteroid. Rich Stanton looks at how and why Resi 6 turned out the way it did.

Feature | Resident Evil 6 Preview: The Grisly Details

The demo failed to impress, but a fresh look reveals this to be a best of Resident Evil. Can it be the best?

Digital Foundry | Tech Analysis: Resident Evil 6 Demo

Digital Foundry plunges into the guts of the Xbox 360 code.

Feature | Resident Evil 6 Preview: Fear of the Unknown

A thirst for action could prove more chilling than a thirst for blood.

Feature | Resident Evil 6 Preview: True Horror Returns

Capcom expands the world of survival horror.

Feature | Resident Evil 6 Trailer: Blow By Blow

Three heroes, three gameplay styles?