Resident Evil 5 News

Monster Hunter World and Prey headline a strong April for Xbox Game Pass

With Resi 5, Life is Strange 2: Episode 2, and more.

Four-year-old Resident Evil PR stunt fuels Chinese government denial

After allegations of sending cans of human meat to African supermarkets.

Third Resident Evil CGI film announced

Due next year, features Leon on a motorcycle.

PS Now UK beta rental prices are pretty high

UPDATE: Sony listening to feedback, says final pricing yet to be decided.

How to play Resident Evil 5 in splitscreen via GFWL version on Steam

Capcom: "this won't be officially supported... play at your own discretion".

Capcom bounces back with stellar Monster Hunter 4 sales

Resident Evil 5 now Capcom's best-selling game ever.

Hell Yeah!, Bulletstorm, Resi 5 free on PlayStation Plus this month

October offerings detailed, alongside other deals.

Capcom: survival horror market too small for Resident Evil

"We need to keep going in the action-oriented direction."

Resident Evil: Revelations should have number in title - producer

Wanted to "remove any dissatisfaction from before".

Resident Evil 6 takes place in China - report

Voice actor's resumé spills the beans.

Capcom: Resident Evil 4 and 5 didn't ditch horror

Japanese company discusses "confused messaging".

Resident Evil 5: Gold Ed. coming to PSN

Out next week at a budget price.

Resident Evil 6 will be "totally different"

Capcom promises franchise reinvention.

The most popular Resi Evil characters

Are not who you might think.

New Resident Evil CGI film announced

Capcom has Degeneration to scare.

Capcom learned from RE5 racism row

Took steps to stop it happening again.

Capcom aims to increase output

Will enlist Western studios to do it.

Resi 5 Move only for Gold Edition

Update: Capcom responds.

Takeuchi not keen to work on RE6

Felt he was in Mikami's shadow.

New Resi film lifts stuff from Resi 5

Anderson also promises better dogs.

Fat Princess released on PSP today

Plus: Resi 5 demo! Mega Man 10! More!

Resi 5 Gold content available as DLC

Sandwiched together for discount price.

Heavy Rain makes a splash in Japan

Resi 5: Gold Edition top of the pile.

Classic camera found in Resi 5 DLC

Play from the cutaway perspectives.

Tricell CEO playable in Resi 5 Gold

Elegant villainess stars in Mercs Reunion.

Resi Evil 5's Desperate Escape detailed

Groggy Jill and Josh leg it out of Tricell.

Capcom making Resident Evil motorbike

It's got guns and health spray on it.

Resi 5 to get Gold Edition disc in March

Includes all new DLC, but what about wand?

More Resi 5 Alternative content revealed

Another story chapter, costume packs.

Resi 5 Alternative to be DLC in spring

Wand support, Chris and Jill campaign.

Resi 5 to work with PS3 magic wand

Along with LBP, EyePet, Flower and more.

Takeuchi doesn't expect to do Resi 6

Reckons somebody else will get the gig.

Resident Evil 5 PC date

Plus: GeForce 3D Vision benchmarker.

Resi 5 nearing 5m sales, DMC5 denied

Second E3 reveal remains a mystery.

Resi is Capcom's most successful IP

Fifth game takes series past 40m sales.

SFIV PC dated, Resident Evil 5 to follow

And don't forget Bionic Commando.

Resi 5 tops US software charts for March

GTA: Chinatown Wars misses out on top ten.

Resi 5 Versus mode out tomorrow

Shoot friends for under four quid.

UK charts: Resi 5 survives at top

Wheelman, Afro Samurai, Buzz! off pace.

Resi 5 Versus mode delayed

Japanese launch pushed to April.

Resident Evil 5 still top in UK charts

WWE and GTA in top ten, MadWorld 34.

Capcom rejects Versus mode complaints

Says Resi add-on was budget separately.

Resi 5 outsells UK top ten combined

Biggest first-week since one of COD5's.

Resi 5 'Versus' modes announced

Two competitive MP modes as premium DLC.

Resi 5 to get new multiplayer modes?

Trophy updates seem to spoil future DLC.

Resi 5 Mercs gets online co-op

360 version's been patched already.

Capcom to make Wii Resi fans "happy"

"Very soon," says marketing man.

Resident Evil 5 has Mercenaries

Famed RE4 arcade mode returns.

Home gets Resident Evil 5 space

Still waiting for Warhawk and Uncharted.

Red Resi 360 pad available separately

Uses the old directional pad, though.

Resi Evil 5 isn't racist, says BBFC

Reckons there's "no issue" with cut-scene.

Red Xbox 360 officially unveiled

Will come bundled with Resident Evil 5.

Resi 5 producer hints at Wii Resi

"Watch this space," says Kawata-san.

"No changes" made after Resi race row

Producer defends Africans depiction.

Street Fighter and Resi 5 are Home-bound

Costumes, game launching, Africa.

PS3 Resident Evil 5 demo available now

Xbox 360 sampler downloaded by 1.8m.

Resi 5 demo coming to PS3 next month

Xbox 360 sampler next Monday.

Resi 5 demo coming to Live this month

No PSN version, by the looks of things.

Capcom reveals more release dates

Dead Rising and MotoGP Wii in diary.

Western Resi 5 demos unlikely for 2008

Japanese sampler for December.

Resi 5 demo announcement soon?

But game may not require PS3 install.

Resi 5 will sell over 3 million, says Capcom

SFIV will do half that, apparently.

Capcom to focus on multi-platform games

On all major releases in the future.

Resi, Devil May Cry comics in the works

DC to draw Capcom pictures.

Takeuchi stays quiet on Resi 5 rumours

Nothing on cover system or co-op.

Resi 5 to feature online co-op

Will be out by April next year.

Resi 5 boss explains African setting

Wanted to show the origins of the virus.

More Resident Evil 5 racism claims

Newsweek writer wades in.

Watch Resident Evil 5 being played

Xbox 360 pad controlling demo.

No new Resi 5 gameplay video this week

But you are getting an interview.

Capcom dismisses Resi 5 date rumours

Is an October release really likely?

Everyday Shooter, GH3 tracks on PSN

Everybody's Golf PS3 demo, too.

Capcom ponders Resi 5 demo

For Euro Extinction Blu-ray.

CG Resi film in works

Sony and Capcom join forces.

Full Resi 5 trailer on Live

Three minutes of action.

No Resi 5 until 2008

Financial results spill guts.

Capcom clarifies Resi 5 situation

Wishful thinking from Xbox Japan boss?

Resident Evil film gossip

New director for the third?

Inafune talks Resi Evil 5

Plus: Squenix and SEGA news.

More videogame movies coming

Kameo and a new Resi flick.

Evil looks you in the eye

RE5 producer explains visuals.

Resi Evil 5 trailer pulled

Best... not seen at all!