Resident Evil 2 (remake) Features

FeatureThe 15-year hunt for Resident Evil 1.5

How a community went to hell and back searching for the most coveted horror game ever cancelled.

It's 6th November 1996. Robson & Jerome are top of the UK's pop charts, Die Hard Trilogy is about to be released on the PlayStation and The English Patient premieres in Los Angeles to widespread critical acclaim.

Why Resident Evil 2 is a remake done right

It's the Eurogamer Podcast!

2019 gets off to a flying start with Resident Evil 2, a remake that manages to meet some very high expectations in reviving what's arguably the most fondly-remembered point in the series.

Is it possible for a building to haunt itself? Resident Evil 2's remake suggests so. While wandering the new game's extravagantly remodelled police station I've been dogged by the thought that older incarnations of the structure are trying to force themselves into the light. It's not just that the station used to be an art museum within Resident Evil's fiction - a kludge dreamed up by original scenario writer Noboru Sugimura to explain the eerie marble busts, emblem doors and oil paintings that sit alongside the gun cabinets and mounds of paperwork. It's that so many other evils have resided here since the original game rocked PlayStations in 1998.

FeatureResident Evil 2's remake reveals its biggest star

New enemies, new details and more from an extended hands-on.

Resident Evil's best character? Maybe you believe it's Leon Kennedy, the floppy-haired fop, or perhaps you think it could be enigmatic badass Ada Wong. Well, I'm afraid you're entirely wrong. The best character from throughout Resident Evil's history is, without a single doubt, the Raccoon City Police Station.