Ex-Ubisoft devs' crowdfunded RPG ReRoll has been cancelled

Ex-Ubisoft devs' crowdfunded RPG ReRoll has been cancelled

Developer offers 10.99 Steam Early Access game as only compensation.

Over two years ago Ex-Assassin's Creed and Far Cry developers Julien Cuny and Louis-Pierre Pharand announced ReRoll, a crowdfunded "survival action RPG" that would use drones to map out the entire planet. That game has now been cancelled.

As posted on Reddit, an email was sent to backers explaining that developer Pixyul was unable to secure enough funding for the insanely ambitious project. But not for lack of trying, as the developer searched high and low for ways to secure capital.

"We had high hopes to secure the necessary funds to achieve our final goal. Unfortunately, the money raised with the campaign plus our personal investments were not enough to develop the game on our own. We invested everything in building up the necessary elements to pitch the project to potential partners," Pixyul said in this email.

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