Redshirt review

Redshirt review

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Jo Spaceman is depressed. Like, really depressed. Her happiness rating is at -100. This gloom isn't entirely a surprise. Not only has she just come out of a relationship, but she's also recently returned from a mission to an alien planet that resulted in the untimely death of several close friends. Oh, and she's also an Emoid, a species that has a natural tendency towards the morbid. Yet even by those standards, Jo is at rock bottom.

I decide that maybe it would help to share her feelings, via an update on her Spacebook profile. "Feeling strong enough to take on a Krongian today!" she gushes, rather unexpectedly.

This emotionally random outburst, sadly, illustrates the core problem with Redshirt, an otherwise ingenious combination of life simulator and sci-fi satire. Taking the role of a lowly bottom-rung employee on the Megalodon-9 space station, your goal is to ascend through the social order while maintaining health and happiness. The more successful and popular you are, the greater your chances are of escaping from the station before it's destroyed in an imminent catastrophe.

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