Red Faction: Armageddon Features

You already know about the bizarre shift Red Faction Armageddon has made from Guerilla's worthy socialist plot to an "alien invasion". Basically, folks (that's you) seemed to think imposing the story of Das Kapital on a "blowing-stuff-up" shooter held the same socialist fascination as monkey-suited Ed Miliband explaining how he's against cuts whilst in favour of cuts whilst making cross-eyed faces like he's crapping himself, and oh God that BORING voice...

Red Faction: Armageddon

My sickle friend.

"They don't call it the red planet for nothing," Darius Mason growls. Indeed not, Darius according to our extensive research on Wikipedia, they are in fact referring to the prevalence of iron oxide on the planet's surface.

You've made an enormously popular action game built around huge open environments that you can rip to pieces with vehicles and explosives. In a genre where escalation is vital to keeping people's attention, where next if you want to deliver your own brand of bigger, better and more badass?