Red Dead Redemption 2 Features

Jelly Deals | Get Borderlands 3 and Red Dead 2 for 30 in the Game pre-owned sale

Dozens of other PS4 and Xbox One games are also included.

Digital Foundry | Red Dead Redemption 2 patch 1.09 tested: has HDR been fixed?

Plus: graphics 'downgrade' addressed - but was it broken in the first place?

Podcast | Join us for a Red Dead Redemption 2 spoilercast

And if you haven't finished the story, a regular episode too.

Feature | Rockstar's history of America

What do Rockstar games tell us about American history?

Digital Foundry | How could Red Dead Redemption 2 improve on PC?

UPDATE: The port is now official, so what can we expect from it?

Feature | The human cost of Red Dead Redemption 2

According to the people who made it.

Feature | Red Dead Redemption 2's state-of-the-art technology analysed

Digital Foundry on how Rockstar's RAGE engine shines on current-gen consoles.