Red Baron

WW1 dogfighting game Red Baron back with MOBA elements

Original creator founds indie studio, launches Kickstarter.

Remember Red Baron, the World War 1 dogfighting game released in 1990? (If not, read Eurogamer's retrospective published in 2010.) Its creator has returned with a Kickstarter pitch for a new entry in the series.

Lothar von Richthofen, the Red Baron's little brother, is a schweinhund. Half an hour ago he challenged me, the Black Stork's highest scoring and least dead ace, to a one-on-one duel over the Western Front. I thought twice about accepting, but eventually decided to go teach the young puppy a lesson. When I arrived at the rendezvous point, what did I see? Only Lothar's crimson and yellow Dr.I flanked by the bobbing planes of two of his cronies. The cunning Fokker had brought backup.