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Budget, Xbox One X-enhanced ReCore Definitive Edition leaked

UPDATE: Microsoft confirms, and coming to Game Pass too.

UPDATE 20TH AUGUST: The Definitive Edition of ReCore was confirmed by Microsoft during its Gamescom conference stream. Importantly, Microsoft also said the update will be free to existing owners of the game. In addition, ReCore: Definitive Edition will be a free Game Pass game next month (September).

ReCore just got a massive update and a free trial

Microsoft exclusive ReCore now has a free trial - and a big new update that improves the game.

The trial, available on both Xbox One and Windows 10, lets you play the first 30 minutes of the game. So, you get to meet Joule, her Corebot companion Mack, and begin their adventure.

If you want to buy the game afterwards, your progress carries over.

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ReCore update to tackle long load times on Xbox One

Whether you loved or hated the recently-released ReCore, one thing most agree on is that it had pretty horrible load times on Xbox One (the game's also out on PC). Now, a patch has come out that makes them shorter.

A note on the ReCore website signalled the release of an update for the Xbox One version of the game that improves load times.

There is a caveat, however:

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ReCore's new trailer does a good job of showcasing Metroid Prime dev's next game

There's not been that much fanfare over ReCore, the Xbox One and PC exclusive that's coming primarily from Armature and that's being directed by the talent behind the legendary Metroid Prime series. Which is something of a shame - having played it for a short while I think it's got the capacity to be a pleasant surprise when it comes out in a few weeks time.

The new Gamescom might do a better job at selling people on it, as it does a pretty good job of showcasing the exploration and combat as well as ReCore's winningly bright visual style.

It does showcase something else, though: an absolutely awful jump animation, which seems like something of a shame when much of your time exploring is spent jumping and double-jumping around the place. Is it too late to put in something a little more weighty in there? Given that ReCore's out on September 13th it probably is, though I'd be more than happy to see something a little less limp in its place. Still, there remains a lot to like about ReCore.

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ReCore gets release date, trailer and is Cross-Buy on PC and Xbox One

UPDATE: ReCore will be a cheaper, 30 game, according to a FAQ on the official website.

ORIGINAL STORY: Microsoft's robotty action adventure game ReCore will be released 13th September (probably 16th in UK) on Windows PC and Xbox One, as leaked yesterday, and will be a Cross-Buy, Play Anywhere title, so you only need buy it on one platform to be able to play it on both.

Microsoft showed a new trailer for ReCore during its E3 2016 press conference. In it we saw hero Joule and robot companion Mack, as we did last year, in addition to two other robot friends: Duncan, a big robot, and Seth, a spidery thing. It's clear that each robo-pal serves a specific companion purpose for Joule, and that they're all broadly similar to animals. Mack is basically a dog, Seth a spider and Duncan a gorilla.

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Xbox One exclusive ReCore release date leaked

The leaky E3 pipe sprays another: Microsoft will apparently release Xbox One exclusive, ReCore, this autumn. ReCore was also listed for Windows 10 earlier in the year - presumably this date applies to that version too.

The European release date is listed as 16th September, and the American date as 13th September.

The leak comes from NeoGAF again, and from the same person responsible for the Dead Rising 4 leak. There are a couple of new screenshots.

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