Reckless Racing 2

App of the Day: Reckless Racing 2

App of the Day: Reckless Racing 2

Advancement through technology.

The drivers' portraits in Reckless Racing 2 tell a sad tale. These drooling bumpkins and greasy villains are a dash of the redneck personality that themed the original, but in Reckless Racing 2 they're kept on the sidelines. The country tunes get a trendy remix, the ramshackle jeeps and jalopies of the original are now sleek sports cars, and what on earth's happened to the drifting?

The drifting is changed significantly from Reckless Racing, initially at least, and this affects everything. Where the original was all wild slides and pile-ups, this is much more about racing lines, cornering and tight, controlled slides.

Overall it's less rambunctious, but elements of the handling remain exaggerated - slightly overturn at a corner, for example, and the car swings suddenly in that direction. Upgrading is another new feature and also where Reckless Racing 2 begins to convince, allowing you to customise a car's style between all-out speed, balanced and drifting. If you plump for the latter, the crazy long slides suddenly start appearing again.

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