Ready 2 Rumble Revolution

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution

Not ready 4 this.

"Great fun and easy to play for all the family!" shouts the back of the box. Well, no. Like altogether too many third-party Wii games, the only way in which Ready 2 Rumble Revolution is accessible is that everyone - no matter their age, gaming aptitude, IQ or marketing profile - will find it equally unwieldy, complex, unpredictable and annoying to use.

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution spruces up Midway's 1999 featherweight champ Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, only under an Atari banner this time. Not a bad idea in theory. Ready 2 Rumble was a lively boxing game that channelled the punch-drunk cartoon characters of Nintendo's Punch-Out!! (also due a Wii remake soon) in a more conventional two-player beat-'em-up. It swaggered, japed and hollered its way into the hearts of many, especially in a crisp Dreamcast version, and not without reason.

Actually, it's 2000's Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 that's the direct inspiration here. That game famously featured Bill and Hilary Clinton as unlockable characters, along with once-great pop freak no-I-didn't-get-tickets Michael Jackson, and rhyming basketball giant Shaquille O'Neal. Revolution takes this idea and runs with it, adding a whole rogues' gallery of unendorsed, caricatured "slebs" under pseudonyms. Naturally, it updates the idea. To round about 2001.

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Ready 2 Rumble Wii gets release date

Ready 2 Rumble Wii gets release date

Boxing for the family in March.

Atari plans to release Wii boxing game Ready 2 Rumble Revolution here on 20th March.

This is a light-hearted affair where a cast of caricatured sports, music and film stars do battle, walloping each other with special moves, combos and extreme knockdowns.

Biffs and boffs will be controlled by waving the Wiimote and nunchuk in separate hands, and there's both a create-your-own boxer campaign plus multiplayer to wade through.

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Atari not that bothered about pre-owned

Plans to make games no one would sell.

Towering Atari spokesperson Phil Harrison is not worried about the "macro-economic" impact of the pre-owned market on the industry, because he reckons Atari can create games so valuable that no one wants to trade them in.

More on Ready 2 Rumble Wii

Sleb caricatures and man who shouts.

Atari has shed more like on AKI's Ready 2 Rumble Revolution for Wii, which the publisher said yesterday would be released in March 2009.