Rayman Origins Features

FeatureWhat would happen if GAME died?

An investigation into how it would affect you.

Does anything really matter until you're personally affected by it? It's easy enough to ignore financial reports and credit warnings and gloomy editorials - but try ignoring an empty shelf. Try ignoring GAME, the UK's largest specialist video game shop chain, being unable to to stock Ubisoft's PlayStation Vita games (until today), Wii role-playing game The Last Story and Tekken 3DS.

FeatureRayman Origins

Hands free.

Rayman Origins doesnít take an old school approach to game design merely because itís a 2D sidescroller based around an aging Ubisoft mascot. Itís old school because itís hard. Not Demonís Souls hard, perhaps, but it would still rather send you to your doom than provide you with a glowing breadcrumb trail or one of those last-minute rewind getaways beloved of The Prince of Persia. Youíll die in Rayman Origins, and youíll die quite a lot. Youíll get over all that, though, because the game is so precise, and because itís so joyfully intricate.