Raw Danger

Raw Danger

Raw Danger

Raw Sewage?

Remember SOS: The Final Escape? You probably don't (because it sold about ten copies over here), but it's a true cult classic in many ways, and well worth hunting down if you find it. And the reason for its elevated status? Mainly because it was so unlike anything else around; a one-of-a-kind 'disaster survival' where you end up trying to stay alive in an urban Earthquake, and uncover the real culprits behind it. Despite some horrifically clunky animation and iffy gameplay mechanics, Irem's defiantly innovative ideas drove you on through a rather brief adventure. If only a more capable developer could polish up the premise, we'd be first in the queue.

Fast forward four-and-a-half years, and....not much has changed. The sequel has finally made a belated appearance across Europe [Well...some of Europe - see Editor's note] but Irem still seems like a developer with ambitions that vastly outweigh its technical abilities.

In Raw Danger, you once again find yourself amidst an apparently natural disaster, only to discover a conspiratorial undercurrent that's at the root of it. This time, flooding is on the menu as you try desperately to escape the rising waters blighting the island metropolis known as Geo City. Played out from six different perspectives, you start out as Joshua Harwell, a college boy working as a waiter at a function being held in the honour of the Mayor responsible for designing the apparently disaster-proof island.

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