Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six is revived as an exciting multiplayer experience that's occasionally compromised by its eSports ambitions.


Feature | The joy of making the same mistake twice

Why the grind isn't always a grind.

Feature | What we've been playing

A few of the games that have us hooked at the moment.

Rainbow Six Siege announces crossplay plans

PC and Stadia soon, PlayStation and Xbox in 2022.

E3 2021 schedule guide: All E3 conference dates, times, and streams announced so far

E3 is back - here's when every remaining show takes place.

There are more of us playing Rainbow Six Siege on Steam now than ever before

Free play event and new content have tempted new operators to get involved.

New Rainbow Six Siege PC hotfix means you can only play with a friend in your squad

"Players can no longer use an exploit to force themselves into squads with other players."

Here's what's coming up in Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Neon Dawn

The update includes a new Operator and a slew of new accessibility features.

Ubisoft details Rainbow Six Siege's latest season, Operation Steel Wave

Two new Operators, House renovations, and more.

Lara Croft's heading to Rainbow Six Siege… sort of

And there's news on the jump to next-gen platforms.

Meet Oryx and Iana, Rainbow Six Siege's Y5 S1 latest operators

Brace yourself for a "reworked" Oregon map, too.

Ubisoft sues website alleged to have facilitated DDoS attacks against Rainbow Six Siege servers

"The DDoS attacks that Defendants enable are designed to disrupt and impede R6S servers."

Rainbow Six Siege unveils new Australia-themed Outback map

And teases two new Operators for Year 4, Season 1.

You can play Xbox One and 360 online multiplayer for free this weekend

Rainbow Six Siege and NBA 2K18 unlocked for all.

Rainbow Six Siege is holding a free play weekend later this month

Try every map, mode, and Operator for nowt.

Rainbow Six Siege players unhappy at timed-event with paid-only cosmetic packs

UPDATE: Ubisoft offers free skin, won't increase Standard Edition price.

Big changes coming to Rainbow Six: Siege map rotations

Some maps to be removed entirely "down the road".

Rainbow Six Siege offers free trial this weekend

Year 2: Season 3 update, Operation Blood Orchid, dated for September.

Feature | Say it in less

On the joy of leaving your mic off in multiplayer.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Pass detailed, available now

Adds eight new operators and four new territories across 2017.

Rainbow Six: Siege now offers a budget-priced Starter Edition on PC

Requires a lot more grinding and is only available for two weeks.

Rainbow Six: Siege's first new map lands today

New operators and new map land on all platforms for all players.

Rainbow Six Siege to add separate Hardcore playlist in 2016

Removes most HUD elements, currently available as a pre-set Custom mode.

Just Cause 3 beats Rainbow Six: Siege in UK chart

While Wii U exclusive Xenoblade debuts in 28th.

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: Rainbow Six Siege

Not just a superb multiplayer game, but a fascinating tech showcase too.

Feature | Rainbow Six Siege is like a hardcore Home Alone

Ubisoft's tactical shooter is thrilling - but can it hold up in the wild?

Rainbow Six: Siege open beta delayed

UPDATE: Rescheduled to go live at 5pm UK.

Rainbow Six Siege open beta kicks off next week

Includes three modes, three maps and 14 Operators.

Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass detailed

Get new ops early, gain XP faster and sport exclusive skins.

Rainbow Six Siege details year's worth of post-release plans

Free maps and modes, earn or buy operators and skins.

Rainbow Six: Siege won't have a campaign mode

Single-player limited to AI matches on game's main maps.

Feature | The best of EGX 2015

Picking through the highlights of this year's show.

Ubisoft reveals Art of Siege

Earn beta access via "online training platform" for Rainbox Six.

5000 Rainbow Six Siege closed beta keys up for grabs

All formats, beta starts 24th September.

Rainbow Six Siege delayed to December

"This wasn't an easy decision..."

Rainbow Six Siege player-vs-AI Terrohunt mode detailed

Which is 60fps on high-end PC, 30fps on PS4 and Xbox One.

Rainbow Six Siege Collector's Edition comes with 120-page tactical guide

Pre-orders for all versions include closed beta access.

Rainbow Six: Siege closed alpha gameplay footage leaks

UPDATE: Pre-order now for beta access later this year.

Rainbow Six: Siege launches closed alpha registration

PC-only, limited to Europe and North America.

Rainbow Six Siege has male and female hostages

But the E3 demo focused on a woman to encourage "empathy". Hmm.

Feature | Rainbow Six: Siege stands apart from other shooters

Tight, tactical and finely tuned - this is a promising start.