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Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

D.A.R.K! Reckless! Rainbow! Pinball! CurveBot!

As some of my favourite musicians have proved, if you haven't got any ideas of your own, just go ahead and plunder the past for inspiration. It's an approach that's served Noel Gallagher pretty well over the past couple of decades, and something that game developers in the mobile space are particularly fond of.

Take this week's crop. One game goes right back to 1981 for its mechanics, while two others decide that remaking nineties classics is the way to go - sadly, one of them rips the guts out of the experience by assuming that we're all pathetic at games these days. To be fair, they're probably right.

The remainder also cast backwards glances to try to get us excited, with varying degrees of success. Frankly, if you can't make the original idea better, then don't waste our time. You'll only get bitter and twisted. If you can, though, you'll be our friend forever.

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