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Tim Willits: Building Rage And Never Selling Out

"We've followed our heart more than we've followed the dollar."

VideoNBA star Blake Griffin promotes Rage

Bethesda not hiring for shooter.

Digital FoundryRAGE HD: iPad vs. iPad 2 Performance Analysis

Some games see little improvement running on iPad 2.

VideoRage trailer ready to storm your screen

Buggies, baddies and general badassery.

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Tim Willits: Building Rage And Never Selling Out

"We've followed our heart more than we've followed the dollar."

It's well accepted that triple-A game developers can spend so long making things that they sometimes lose all sense of their quality in the process. In Rage's case though, it's now been in the open so long that even journalists writing about it are probably struggling to put it in perspective. By the time it comes out in October, it will have been in the oven and Dallas is definitely an oven for over six years.

Carmack: Smart phones may satisfy gamers

3DS, NGP last specialised game handhelds?

John Carmack, founder and technical director of id Software, reckons the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony Next Generation Portable could be last generation of specialised handheld game consoles ever built.

Carmack: id graphics next-gen ready

No need to "radically rework" architecture.

Half-robot programming wizard John Carmack knows id Software needs to keep pace with new hardware - that's why he's already begun researching the next-generation of videogame graphics.

New iOS Rage update available

New iOS Rage update available

Adds new modes, controls, Game Center.

A new update for Rage is ready for download, adding a host of new features to id Software's portable iOS shooter.

The v1.11 patch bolts on a new Mirror Mode, gyroscopic controls, full support for Apple's Game Center service and a bunch of other minor tweaks.

Here's the full run-down of changes:

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Digital FoundryTech Analysis: RAGE HD

Digital Foundry on Carmack's latest iOS side-project.

iPhone games have traditionally been concept-driven as opposed to relying on state-of-the-art visuals to really make an impression. id software's John Carmack has been a long-time advocate of the Apple platform, and has sought to push the limits of the tech, first with the visually impressive DOOM Resurrection, and now with a smaller slice of on-rails shooting action excised from forthcoming multi-platform FPS title, RAGE.



Grrr! Grrr?

Would it be cynical to suggest that Rage for the iPhone and iPad feels like little more than a promotional piece for the upcoming PC and console game? Maybe it was the minute-long trailer for Rage proper at the start of the app or the big "Pre-order Rage" button in the menu that gave me that idea.

Or perhaps Rage is a willy-waving tech demo from Doom-daddy John Carmack, wanting to stake his claim as the graphical king of iOS and show off just how flexible his engine is. Because on the pint-size screen of an iPod or the sprawling display of the iPad, Rage is unarguably a hugely pretty game.

Well, actually it's not. It's soul-crushingly ugly; filled with wretched faces and gnarled textures, all flooded in colours that Dulux would have no choice but to name "Bubonic Brown" or "Despair Grey". It's an utterly dismal game, wallowing in filth and perversion. But it definitely looks very sharp, the textures pop and the models are high-resolution. Technically speaking, the app's a marvel.

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