QUBE for Wii U revealed

"Quite possibly" for Vita, too.

QUBE's developer Toxic Games suggested that its PC first-person puzzler could be heading to Wii U and Vita.

QUBE Review

QUBE Review

Too much cake.

QUBE means 'Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion'. Doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, does it? But QUBE is more elegant than its name suggests, a slow-paced and methodical first-person puzzler that only suffers from an obvious comparison - one that, unfortunately, it forces on the player again and again.

The aesthetic design of QUBE is far too inspired by Portal. The game doesn't share a great deal of its mechanics or ideas, but the influence is absolutely overbearing, to the extent this almost plays like a pitch document. The problem is not that Toxic Games wants to be hired by Valve - that is a noble and understandable aim, and by the way Gabe Newell if you're reading I'm available - but that QUBE's is visually a poor imitation of Portal, and so your frame of reference for its decent FPS puzzling is the best FPS puzzler ever. Every moment feels intruded upon (Gabe, call me!), and the comparison does QUBE's own mechanics no favours. (GABE!)

You wake in a lab, a silent protagonist wearing high-tech gloves. The floors and walls of its small rooms are composed from large grey and white tiles, the interactive elements are colour-coded, and the larger structure funnels you through increasingly complex arrangements of blocks and jumps. Puzzles are built around coloured bricks that react in different ways to a wave of your glove: red ones pull out in a straight line, yellows are in groups of three that pop out to different lengths depending on where they're hit, blues act like springs, and purples spin sections of the walls.

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