Putty Squad

VideoWitness the power of the PS4 with this Putty Squad remake

SNES classic retooled - and here's some gameplay.

Do you remember Putty Squad? Funnily enough, I didn't - my dim recollection had it down as an Amiga game, but after checking Wikipedia (I'm a journalist, don't you know?) I discovered it never made it to that platform properly, and was only ever fully released on the SNES.

Putty Squad and The Pinball Arcade are PS4 launch titles

Putty Squad and The Pinball Arcade are PlayStation 4 launch titles, publisher System 3 has announced.

They will be released alongside Sony's next-gen console on Friday 29th November.

Putty Squad is a remake of the 1992 Amiga platformer with downloadable levels available free at launch. The PS4 version includes Cross Play support with the Vita version, and touch controls via the DualShock 4. The original Super Putty will be released as free DLC after launch.

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