Pursuit Force

Pursuit Force

Pursuit Force

Turn in your badge.

The things we liked about Pursuit Force: parts 1 to 5.


The ability to leap from one moving vehicle to the other like a crazy, danger-loving stuntman with Salmon-envy. No other game in the history of 'other games' has explored this, and not only does it look great, it's at the very fulcrum of a Chase-HQ-with-a-twist experience that goes something like this: drive your car like a nutter, sidle up alongside your intended target and stab the circle button when the little yellow 'leap' icon flashes up. At that point you'll abandon your car/motorbike/speedboat/jeep/whatever and perform the unlikeliest leap since James Bond dived into a moving aircraft in GoldenEye. Landing with precision (on either the boot or bonnet, depending on where you made the leap from), you'll then proceed to shoot up the occupants, cling on for dear life (and occasionally nearly fall off), and then wrestle control of the vehicle in one slick motion. Marvellous, frivolous gaming excitement.

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We chat with Bigbig Studios about its forthcoming PSP action spectacular.

The PSP has already been a roaring success in Europe since it was released on September 1st. But now that the novelty value has died down slightly, and we've all finished cooing about how wonderful Virtua Tennis is, we could definitely do with some new and original titles made with the PSP specifically in mind. It's all very well taking the games we play at home on the road with us, but they don't always turn out to be the best handheld games.