Pure Features



Pure is keen to impress. Due for release at a time when most of the heavyweight racing brands are having a little nap on the hard shoulder, the game developed about 300 metres from our office in Brighton hopes to turn a few heads with a monstrously hectic brand of vertiginous, trick-focused off-road racing.


It's more SSX than MotorStorm.

Black Rock Studio only makes racing games; it has ever since it was formed as Climax Racing Studio back in 2000. You may remember it for MotoGP (on PC and Xbox) and ATV Offroad Fury. But when Disney bought the company in late 2006, both owner and developer decided it was time for a change; to put fun ahead of simulation. Pure, which launches later this year, is the first example of this, and both developer and publisher are crossing their axels that it does the business, despite competition from Sony's MotorStorm Pacific Rift and THQ's Baja.