Prototype News

Surprise! Prototype game bundle released for Xbox One today

UPDATE: Now there's a trailer - and it still looks like a Xbox 360 game.

Activision closes down Prototype studio

Radical's franchise "did not find a broad commercial audience".

Sackboy, Lara DLC head PS Store update

Plus, download Prototype for Ł31.99.

2m sales of original justify Prototype 2

Plus, first game hits XBL, PSN.

Prototype 2 all but confirmed

Murder Your Maker video emerges.

Third VGA zombie teaser spotted

Case for Prototype 2 gathers strength.

Is Murder Your Maker Prototype 2?

Activision teases a new game.

UK charts: Prototype works for Acti

Ghostbusters calls in at four.

UK charts: suburb week for Sims 3

Prototype unlucky, Staff of Kings in trouble.

Prototype PS3 install bug workaround

Fiddle with your hard disk contents.

Activision sets firm Prototype date

Mutant open-world action for early June.

Prototype shapes up for June launch

Mercer, Mercer, Mercer me.

Radical Entertainment staff levels slashed

Nearly half of employees to go.

Ghostbusters drops off release schedule

No sign of 50 Cent or Brutal Legend either.

Prototype delayed until 2009

More time needed to deliver.

Prototype to get co-op in the future?

Could feature if there's a sequel.

Prototype comic book coming

Wildstorm in charge of drawing.

Sierra keen to risk new IP

Ramping up console creativity.

Sierra unveils Prototype

Radical's new game.