Prototype 2 News

Surprise! Prototype game bundle released for Xbox One today

UPDATE: Now there's a trailer - and it still looks like a Xbox 360 game.

UPDATE 4.25pm: Activision has now formally announced the Prototype bundle with a press release and a European date for the PS4 edition - which curiously won't be available until next Wednesday, 22nd July.

Blockbuster launches VIP Gamer rewards scheme

Blockbuster launches VIP Gamer rewards scheme

Retailer makes clear its gaming intention.

Blockbuster has signalled its intent to capture the hearts and minds of UK gamers with the launch of a rewards scheme of its own - one it reckons is the best available.

Blockbuster's VIP Gamer scheme launches today, and grants customers points for doing pretty much anything.

As with other reward schemes, such as GAME and Gamestation's reward card, VIP Gamer gives you points for spending money - 100 points for every 1 spent in-store and online.

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UK Top 40: Prototype 2 tops chart

Despite lower sales than predecessor.

Open world mutant adventure Prototype 2 managed to wrap its tendrils around the UK all-formats chart this week, debuting in first place.

Prototype 2 Limited Edition exclusive to Blockbuster

Blockbuster will exclusively sell the Prototype 2 Limited Edition for the attractive price of 34.99.

The Limited Edition offers unlocks for game hero James Heller. These are the Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker, a drop-kick that turns enemies into bombs, and the Vehicle Specialist upgrade, which boosts armour while piloting or driving any military vehicle.

Blockbuster's been aggressive with game prices and deals while GAME has been floundering. In days passed, it would be GAME's name next to a campaign like this, not Blockbuster's.

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Prototype 2 Radnet Edition grants

Prototype 2 Radnet Edition grants "hours of additional gameplay"

Launch copies contain one-time use code. PC version delayed.

UPDATE: Radical Entertainment has announced the delay of the PC version of Prototype 2.

"Hey all, we just wanted to let you know that the PC version of Prototype 2 is unfortunately going to be delayed until July 24th," reads a note on Facebook.

"Radical Entertainment has always been extremely dedicated to all our fans, and we just wanted to make sure you heard the news from us FIRST. We'll share more details with you soon."

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Prototype 2 gets iOS puzzle tie-in

Protoslice available on App Store today.

Activision is looking to whet gamers' appetites for its forthcoming Prototype sequel with a free iOS puzzle spin off called Protoslice.

Activision bigs up Prototype 2

It's a tentpole release, says Hirshberg.

Activision considers Prototype 2 to be a major title among its portfolio of blockbuster franchises - and evidence that it remains committed to new IP.

Prototype 2 US release date announced

Prototype 2 US release date announced

Radical's sequel due next April.

Open world action sequel Prototype 2 launches for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the US on 24th April 2012, publisher Activision has confirmed.

A European date wasn't mentioned in the announcement, but we'll update as soon as we get confirmation.

"We know our fans have been clamoring to find out when they would be able to get their hands on Prototype 2 and the whole studio is excited that we can finally reveal the timing," commented Ken Rosman, studio head of developer Radical Entertainment.

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2m sales of original justify Prototype 2

2m sales of original justify Prototype 2

Plus, first game hits XBL, PSN.

Given the mixed reviews for the original Prototype, a sequel perhaps wasn't a foregone conclusion. However, once it sold two million copies, the recently announced follow-up became inevitable, developer Radical Entertainment has revealed.

"When Prototype surpassed 2MM units we knew gamers would want a sequel to find out what happens next with Alex Mercer," said Radical Entertainment boss Ken Rosman.

"The team here at Radical is sincerely grateful to the fans and we are laser focused on delivering an even bigger and better experience with Prototype 2!"

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