Project Phoenix

Japanese RPG / RTS hybrid Project Phoenix delayed until 2018

After raising over $1m on Kickstarter.

Two years ago Japanese RPG/RTS hybrid Project Phoenix raised $1,014,600 on Kickstarter (plus another $44,241 over Paypal). At the time it was aiming for a release on PC, Mac, PS4 and Vita by the end of 2015. Now developer Creative Intelligence Arts is projecting the game's launch in the second half of 2018.

Project Phoenix confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Vita

Project Phoenix confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Vita

UPDATE: Kickstarter ends with over $1 million raised.

UPDATE: The Project Phoenix Kickstarter has ended a colossal success, raising over 10 times its original $100K goal with a total of $1,014,600.

When you factor in the $44,241 donated over Paypal, this brings the grand total to $1,058,841, pushing it past the $1,025,000 stretch goal to add a "fully explorable overworld with an upgraded combat transition," and some content allowing you to "fight inside the Kraken."

Original Story: Eye-catching JRPG meets squad-based RTS Project Phoenix will release on PlayStation 4 and Vita, its developers have announced.

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