Project 83113

App of the Day: Project 83113

If Treasure ever make an iOS game, it's likely to resemble Project 83113. The intense action is reminiscent of a fast-paced Gunstar Heroes or Silhouette Mirage (minus the sugary acid trip), while the amount of on-screen chaos reminds me of Bangai-O.

Project 83113 (leetspeak for "Belle", and which I will hereafter refer to as P8) trades in Treasure's insane art direction for a relatively straightforward-looking sci-fi setting. P8 keeps you on your toes, something that's all the more impressive considering its all-touch control scheme.

Belle is the game's strange four-armed protagonist, who looks like a cross between a marsupial and some kind of rodent. She has been specially made to destroy machines that have taken over the world; what that means in practical terms is she's quick, versatile and easy to control.

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