Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Key events

2nd April 2007

PS3 PES6 online patch

20th February 2007

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

6th December 2006

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

23rd November 2006

PES6 patched on Xbox 360

26th October 2006

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

PES6 PS2 now works on PS3

Online and all, says Konami.

Konami has announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 6 for PlayStation 2 is now "fully compatible" with PlayStation 3.

PS3 PES6 online patch

PS3 PES6 online patch

Hopefully in next firmware update.

Those of you patiently waiting for a patch to let you play PES6 against your friends using your shiny new PS3 will probably be twiddling your thumbs until a fix appears in a firmware update.

"We are doing our best to fix all known problems and any such fixes are likely to come in the form of future firmware updates," a spokesperson for Sony told Eurogamer.

However, Sony wasn't able to comment on exactly which games will be fixed first, nor the date or firmware release they'll be addressed in. So, we could be waiting even longer.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Saved by the ball.

Let's be honest: the main reason we're interested in Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on the Nintendo DS is that it's easy to imagine a footballing catastrophe. And not your everyday footballing catastrophe involving 19-year-old girls and mobile phone cameras, either, but something to put even Craig Bellamy to shame, with artists pretending to be injured so they wouldn't have to draw faces, and programmers hacking away features like tipsy Norwegian ankles in the dead of the Portuguese night. Impressive, then, that Konami does better than we expected. Not much better, but still.

There's a surprising depth of modes. There's no Master League to toil over all year, but World Tour mode is built around a similar idea: starting off with a team of unknowns, you progress through groups taking on all the game's teams, and earning coins for doing so. These coins can then be fed, peculiarly, into a capsule-toy machine that dispenses players when you use the stylus to turn the handle. We don't understand why, either, but the further you get, the better your luck gets with players. One capsule even contains the entire Japanese national team.

There's Internet play, too. You can input Friend Codes (joy), search for a player of similar skill or just settle for anyone who's connected. Games are sometimes jerky in unhelpful areas, and switching off doesn't seem to be a blot on anyone's record, but the fact it's there at all is fairly surprising. There's an option for single-card multiplay, too, in addition to the expected wireless multi-card option, and it's also possible to track stats for wireless play and view your overall record with the game. Meanwhile, player and team names can be adjusted up to a point (you can't change licensed club names, or some of the national licensees, for example), while wireless player-trading is also permitted.

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PES6 demo on Live

It's all kicking off.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is the latest game to arrive in demo form on Xbox Live Marketplace, offering a bit of impetus for those of you who've been sitting on the football fence all this time.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Score on the train.

I hate Christmas. Not the Christmas bit of it, you understand, but the weeks preceding it, during which I'm more than ever "the one who knows about games". "Help me," a long lost friend quivers down the phone. "I have to spend three days at my mum's house and I need something to dull the pain." Have you tried Lumines? "Have I tried what? Valium?" Close enough. "Help help help," says another in an email. "I'll have to talk to my step-dad while the others watch the telly. He's the dullest man alive." Sounds like you need Phoenix Wright! There's lots of suspicious murders in it though. "Good. I could use a few tips."

It's not all bad. I'd have lost touch with some of these people under different circumstances. But I do panic when they call me from the shop. And not just from the shop, but usually in some advanced state of purchase. "Hi Tom, I'm at the checkout in Dixon's, with 58 people behind me, and I'm holding two games. I'm reaching for my credit card. You have 15 seconds to decide." And yes, it's usually for a child, and yes, it's usually SpongeBob SquarePants' Quacking Quest versus Bayonet Frogdancers Apocalypse. I made the mistake, last year, of saying, "Forget those - just get him a football game. Pro Evolution's my preference."

A mistake because, as it turned out, I was advising a PSP owner. And now I never hear the end of it. Boxing Day: "Bloody hell mate, why does it take so long to get going? Have I got the cartridge in the wrong way?" January: "I don't understand why it's so jerky. I thought you said the PSP was really powerful." March: "Hi Tom. Just wanted to say thanks again for the recommendation. It's nearly finished loading."

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PES6 patched on Xbox 360

PES6 patched on Xbox 360

Should be smoother now.

Konami says it has released a patch to deal with some of the problems plaguing Pro Evolution Soccer 6 users on Xbox Live.

"The free update resolves the connection problems when finding an opponent, making for a smoother online experience, and is automatically downloaded whenever the consumer plays online," the publisher said in a statement.

PES6 has previously been criticised not only for the quality of its online matches, but the breadth of options available compared to the PS2 version.

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Konami working on PES6 online

Apologises for problems.

Konami UK has confirmed that it's looking into the problems some gamers are experiencing with online matches in Pro Evolution Soccer 6.

UK Charts: PES6 holds off FIFA to go top

Fastest-selling 360 game in the UK.

Konami has scored the top spot in this weeks All Formats Charts, with Pro Evolution Soccer 6 achieving the highest week one sales since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Solid on PS2, but the 360 version's doing a Robinson.

Tom sharpens his studs

I was sitting in my lounge last Thursday playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6 with a friend, and halfway through our second nil-nil - as Brazil and France bounced off each other's stubborn, powerful defences - a third friend, who had been patiently waiting for something to happen, started to chant quietly under his breath: "Allez! Allez! Allez!"

This, he insisted, after being beaten up with a cushion, was Pro Evolution Soccer: Liverpool Under Gerard Houllier Edition, closer to real football than ever in terms of its grittiness and its physicality, but not exactly fiery and explosive to behold - unless of course you're referring to our third game of the evening, when my opponent's patience ran out and was replaced by exasperated use of the slide-tackle button. 11 versus 8, that finished, and I only won one-nil.

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PES6 tournament next month

At Arsenal's stadium in London.

Konami and street-wear retailer Fenchurch are putting on a Pro Evolution Soccer 6 PS2 tournament at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium in North London, the publisher said today.

Konami and Microsoft are teaming up on a Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Xbox 360 premium hardware bundle, due out on 27th October priced GBP 299.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Hands-on with near-complete PS2 and 360 builds.

Like Raul and Real Madrid, Henry and Arsenal, or Liverpool and the most league championships won by any English club, Pro Evolution Soccer's gameplay and graphics are inextricably linked. PES6, due out on PS2, PC and Xbox 360 on 27th October, proves the point better than any version since the series' inception - as we learned during a few hours in its fine company earlier this week.

PES coming to PS3 after all?

It's all so confusing.

Following a statement from Konami and comments by Pro Evo creator Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka, confusion has arisen over Microsoft's claim that PES 6 will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.

GC: PES, FIFA exclusive to 360

Microsoft brought a touch of the Abramoviches to the next-gen football market today, fashioning a deal to secure FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer's Xbox 360 exclusivity for the next 12 months.

FIFA '07, announced for 360 today, is based on a complete engine rewrite, and today's Microsoft conference in Leipzig saw producer Hugues Ricour demonstrating the game, which is due out later this year.

But it was only following a trailer for the 360 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 - playable on Microsoft's stand - that Microsoft played its trump card. Addressing a football-loving German press pack, dotted with pesky foreigners (like me), executive Chris Lewis declared, "Microsoft owns football," with no small about of zeal as he pointed out that now it doesn't really matter which game you prefer, since there's only one place to play the flagship versions.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 6

GC: Football fever in Germany. Again.

For once, Microsoft has the luxury of not taking sides - and being praised for it.

X360 PES to debut in Leipzig

Seabass is going and everything.

The Xbox 360 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will debut at the Leipzig Game Convention next month, Konami has announced.

PES6 to debut at E3

Seabass' first time at the show.

Konami has announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will debut at E3 - the first time in the series' history it will have done so.