Pro Evolution Soccer 2008


PSP Roundup

The brilliant Fading Shadows, PES 2008 and others.

Digital FoundryXbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Nine

DMC4, The Club, Turok, FIFA Street, PES, Juiced.

DS Roundup

PES 2008, Brain Challenge, Mega Man ZX Advent, Paint By DS, Cooking Mama 2.

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14th April 2008

PSP Roundup

5th March 2008

DS Roundup

13th December 2007

PES 2008 DS/PSP details

28th November 2007

PES 2008 patched

2nd November 2007

PC PES 2008 patched

25th October 2007

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Pro Evo 2009 confirmed for autumn

Pro Evo 2009 confirmed for autumn

New controls, moves and online options.

Konami has confirmed a new instalment in the Pro Evolution Soccer series will be released this autumn.

PES 2009 is in development for PS2, PS3, PSP, PC and Xbox 360. It's said to feature "a raft of extensive new additions" that will make it more like actually playing actual football than ever before.

You can expect improved graphics, so players look and move even more like their real-life counterparts. There will be new options so you can tailor the game to suit you, plus new moves, control elements and online elements.

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PSP Roundup

PSP Roundup

The brilliant Fading Shadows, PES 2008 and others.

If life is, indeed, like a box of chocolates, then we'd opine that penning one of Eurogamer's review roundups is rather like a box of chocolates bought for you by a relative who doesn't like you very much, with the Tesco discount label only half peeled off. You never know quite what you're going to get, but the chances are you won't like many flavours, and may feel somewhat ill by the end. Not to mention fatter.

Now all that remains to be seen is whether this latest batch of PSP treats can dish up some unexpectedly delicious centres, or whether the chocolate will be cheap and the nasty chewy ones that stick between your molars all too abundant. Or, indeed, whether this metaphor will ever end. Sorry.

Fading Shadows

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Playing spot the difference every year can get a bit exasperating when it comes to Pro Evolution Soccer. Especially when the incremental changes somehow conspire to polarise opinion. We all (perhaps naively) imagined that Konami would use next-generation technology to create a footy experience that was not only unassailably realistic, but also technically adept.

On the evidence of the last two PES releases the truth, somewhat depressingly, is that Konami is stuck in a bit of a rut. With niggly gameplay issues compounded by dreadfully borked online play and an ongoing failure to resolve the licensing and presentation issues, the franchise's dominant position among the hardcore is facing a bigger threat than ever.

After this recent loss of momentum, the last thing we expected was for the Wii version to turn out to be the most innovative football title in recent memory. For a format more readily associated with dire mini-game compilations and loveless ports, we certainly weren't pinning any hopes on Konami doing anything more than porting the PS2 version across with novelty controls. How wrong can you be?

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Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Nine

Digital FoundryXbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Nine

DMC4, The Club, Turok, FIFA Street, PES, Juiced.

Welcome back to our ongoing critical analysis of the latest in cross-platform game development, as we take a look at another batch of games released on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Recent skirmishes between the rival formats reveal that the Microsoft console still has a significant, quantifiable edge in terms of multi-format gaming quality, but in line with its improving sales figures, PlayStation 3 is gradually closing the gap.

For those of you who've somehow managed to avoid the last nine face-off features we've put together over the course of the last year, the basic objective of this coverage is remarkably straightforward - to provide console-specific commentary that supplements the existing Eurogamer reviews, with an emphasis on gameplay and technical differences.

The usual testing methodology is in place - the games are tested side-by-side, their video outputs losslessly captured in full 24-bit RGB precision via the HDMI ports of our PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Elite, using a Digital Foundry HD capture system. With every single frame recorded and stored on an unfeasibly large array of hard disks, we can then pick and choose the exact same shots from each game for inclusion in our comparison galleries.

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DS Roundup

DS Roundup

PES 2008, Brain Challenge, Mega Man ZX Advent, Paint By DS, Cooking Mama 2.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Developer: Konami

Publisher: Konami

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PES 2008 Wii date, control details

PES 2008 Wii date, control details

Team of Miis, new shots, Crouchigol.

Konami has sent out a big old press release with diagrams and everything explaining how Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is going to work for the Wii when it comes out on 28th March.

As well as Match, League and Cup games and a Player Trade option, there's the Champions Road mode mentioned previously, which takes you around the globe earning XP, completing mini-tasks and building up a dream team.

You can even build a team out of Miis, with up to 16 in a squad, and then store the result on your Wiimote to transport it around. Sharing team data is also possible over WiiConnect24, there's random and Friends matches available over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and there's a tutorial mode to help you learn the ropes.

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PES 2008 DS/PSP details

Konami has broken down in front of everyone and confessed to how the DS and PSP versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 work and when they're out.

According to the Japanese publisher, people like you will be able to buy both of them in Q1 2008, with PS3, 360, PS2 and PC versions already on the market.

The PSP version is said to have "a lot in common" with the PS2 version, including tournaments and leagues and a new World Tour mode "wherein users are set a series of challenges as they tour the globe".

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When I was little, before girls and hair, me and my family used to march to a house full of old people and sing songs at them on Christmas Eve. Interesting creatures, full of stories and sticky toffee sweets, and if you played your cards right you might land your very first kiss. Funny smelling places though, like someone kept forgetting to flush the toilet, but then they are old so maybe it is forgiveable. Soap: another withered person smell. The moral is that old things are not useless and ready to be thrown away; my Grandma used to give me stacks of 20 pence pieces when I saw her. Back of the net.

PES 2008 patched

PES 2008 patched

On 360 and PS3.

Konami has released patches for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

"The free download addresses the online lag and the slowdown that affects the game in both online and offline modes," the publisher says on its website, which rather fittingly sports a sidebar image of a blonde Castlevania man chasing footballers with a whip.

"The PlayStation 3 update also fixes problems associated with downloading the game to the console's hard drive."

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Throw away games - footballer

West Ham keeper sounds cross.

West Ham United goalkeeper Robert Green reckons the quality of England football would be higher if videogames didn't exist.

Konami on PES PS3 issues

Workarounds and apologies.

Konami says it is working on fixes for a number of issues specific to the PlayStation 3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

PES 2008 still top of UK charts

Sells twice as much as FIFA.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 has held on to the number one position in the UK All Formats chart for the second week running, reports.

PC PES 2008 patched

PC PES 2008 patched

Lag issues fixed. Woo.

Konami has patched the PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 to do sort out latency issues and correct other minor issues.

One of the tweaks made to the game also makes sure the speed with which the power bar fills up is now consistent. Consistent with what, it doesn't say. Bears perhaps.

Some small mistakes in the in-game text are also fixed. Happy days. You can download the patch from Konami's website.

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PES 2008 demo on PSN

Plus PS Eye games, more.

Demos of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 and Juiced 2 are among the highlights in this week's PlayStation Network shop update for Europe. About time - on both counts.

PES 2008 tops UK chart

PS2 version leads sales.

Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 has topped the UK software charts, entering its first week at number one according to Chart-Track data, reports.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Enjoyable dribble.

We all like different things. Some adore FIFA 08, some hate it. Some love PES 6, others abhor it. It's all a matter of taste. I'll warn you now, a section of you are going to hate PES 2008, simply because it doesn't dance to the right footy rhythm. Others amongst you will think it's the best game of the series to date and lavish it with the type of love usually reserved for a firstborn, while some of you will just groan and write it off as more of the same. Question is, which is going to be?

As you're probably only too well aware, PES 6 was fast, frenetic and intense, a mix of arcade action and realism melded into a ball-pinging match day experience that thrilled and frustrated in equal measures. For every sublimely orchestrated build-up there was a defender teleporting in front of your attacker, for all the squealing thrills of the Ping-Pong-style physics there were cries of anguish at the farcical penalty area pinball scrambles. PES 6 was a game that provided moments of footballing genius one minute and had you hovering over your console with a hammer and a murderous glint the next.

In many ways, PES 2008 is very similar to its predecessor, yet in others, wholly different. This year's version provides a far more robust rendition of football, exuding the type of muscularity associated with the modern game and injecting it with an arcade vein that sees you pulling off the kind of mesmerising runs that have been AWOL for the past few versions.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

And they're fighting like beavers!

Just three weeks to go. Still, if you can't wait that long for a taste of the full game, fear not, as we've just returned from a four-hour playtest of the latest (approx 90% complete) PS3 code. We did try the 360 code, but bafflingly, the shoot and pass controls insisted on defaulting to the trigger buttons, making any kind of dissection virtually impossible. So without further delay, let's get to it...

PES 2008 PC demo

By mutual consent.

Following on from last week's Xbox Live release, Konami has released a PC version of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo.

PES 2008 dated

"Greatest of all time".

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 will launch for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS2 and mobile on 26th October.

GC: Best Of winners revealed

Crysis, BioShock, PES 2008.

The winners of the Best in Show awards from this year's Games Convention in Leipzig have been announced, reports, with Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 taking two awards for Best PlayStation 2 game and Best PlayStation 3 game.

PES heading to Wii

Look out for it next year.

Pro Evolution Soccer is coming to Wii in Q1 2008, Konami said during Leipzig's Games Convention.

Michael Owen fronts PES 08

A "real coup for Konami".

Konami is boasting this afternoon about signing struggling striker Michael Owen to front Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 in the UK.

PES 08 at Games Convention

Konami reveals line-up.

Konami has put its name on the Leipzig Games Convention list this afternoon, where it promises to show Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on PS3 for the first time ever.

Pro Evo 2008 unveiled

With new "Teamvision" AI.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is the name of this year's instalment in Konami's chart-topping football series.