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Nintendo announces Prison Architect, This War of Mine and plenty more for Switch

Nintendo announces Prison Architect, This War of Mine and plenty more for Switch

All the news from today's surprise Nintendo Indies showcase.

Nintendo just dumped an outrageous amount of information about upcoming indies for the Switch, with a surprise showcase video announcing new games while revealing release dates for other keenly anticipated titles.

Morphies Law - the outstandingly eccentric looking multiplayer shooter in which hitting another player makes you bigger while your opponent gets smaller - is out today on the eShop, as is compelling looking strategy game Bad North. We'll have more on both on the site for you shortly.

Prison Architect is also coming to the Switch today, with DLC for Introversion's sadistic simulator coming later this year courtesy of Double Eleven. 11bit studios, meanwhile, are helping with Moonlighter, a game we were enamoured with when it launched earlier this year now scheduled for an autumn release on Switch. And as they're a very busy bunch, they're also helping with the release of hack and slack game Children of Morta, which is out next year. Oh, and they're also bringing their own This War of Mine to Switch this November.

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Prison Architect locks down console launch date

Prison Architect locks down console launch date

Release day coming next month.

Prison Architect launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on 28th June.

Pre-order the popular penitentiary sim before that date and you'll get a free DLC pack, All Day and a Night, with eight additional maps, plots and prison wardens.

That same offer applies to anyone with the early access Xbox One Game Preview edition of Prison Architect.

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Watch someone discover Prison Architect's hidden 3D mode

UPDATE: Introversion may improve 3D now it's discovered but it won't replace 2D.

UPDATE #2 9TH MARCH: Introversion's chief game maker Chris Delay has told Eurogamer he was "astonished" it took the community so long to find 3D mode, because it had been in the game since version 1.0 arrived in October. He thought it would be discovered in days, he said.

Prison Architect has launched on Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview programme and costs 19.99. There's a free demo, as there are with all not-quite-finished-yet Xbox Game Preview games.

Prison Architect earns $19m from 1.25m sales - but what's next?

Prison Architect earns $19m from 1.25m sales - but what's next?

"The next game we make will not be about prisons..."

Prison Architect, the game that saved Introversion, did so in spectacular style: to date it has earned more than $19m from over 1.25m sales.

That $19m (and something) figure is accurate as of around 1.30pm (BST) Saturday, 26th September, which is when Introversion founding director Mark Morris shows me it on his phone in some sort of data-tracking app.

The 1.25m sales milestone is mentioned a few times during our interview.

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Prison Architect will launch with a brand new Escape mode

Prison Architect will launch with a brand new Escape mode

"It's much quicker to play. It's quite silly. It's a lot of instant fun."

Prison-building game Prison Architect will leave Steam Early Access and launch with a brand new Escape mode and a fleshed out story mode on 6th October. That's in addition to the existing sandbox building mode.

Escape mode flips the game on its head as you attempt to break out of the prisons that either you've created with the level editor, or anyone else has created - all 12,000 community-made prisons (and counting) can be played.

Anything the prisoners can do in the game now, you will be able to do. There's a kind of role-playing game-like character progression and you can eventually become legendary in status. You can form gangs, raid armouries, dig tunnels - the whole complex prison simulation is yours to subvert.

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Prison Architect will launch in 2015

Prison Architect will launch in 2015

Alpha sales pass 1m. Mobile version in development.

Prison Architect will launch proper in 2015, developer Introversion has promised.

Prison Architect is currently in alpha and available on Steam as an Early Access title.

The news comes as the game passes 1m copies sold. As of 29th January, Prison Architect had sold 1,066,233 copies.

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Prison Architect rakes in nearly $8 million

Not bad for a team of seven people.

Prison Architect, Introversion Software's penitentiary management sim, has generated almost $8 million in revenue, the developer has announced. That's pretty astounding considering the developer consists of only seven people (three directors and four contributors).

Prison Architect gets a Halloween treat

"We will probably patch it out before we get sued into oblivion."

Introversion's penitentiary running sim Prison Architect has added what the developer calls a "Halloween egg," i.e. an Easter egg on Halloween. While the developer wanted people to stumble upon its quirky, potentially copyright-infringing holiday-themed joke unawares, creator Chris Delay ultimately decided that he wanted people to see it before Halloween is over and it gets removed.

Prison Architect Alpha 6 update sorts the most dangerous from the most in danger

Introversion Software has released the Alpha 6 update for prison simulator Prison Architect.

"This update has taken quite a bit longer than usual and we've made some pretty fundamental changes to the internal workings of our prisoners,"designer Chris Delay and producer Mark Morris wrote in a note to press. "In fact we've probably totally broken the game."

Changes include the addition of a prisoner category that reflects their risk level. Maximum security prisoners are the most dangerous, and minimum security prisons the most in danger. Normal are, well, normal. Normal for Prison Architect anyway. Prisoners now have a past, including convictions and sentences.

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The dark story of Prison Architect

"This is prisons, this is not the world you're used to."

Prison Architect may look cute but the campaign content is not: build an execution chamber and send a man to his death - a man who's tale of murder and repent will challenge your beliefs and leave a lasting impression.

Play Prison Architect now: a paid Minecraft-style alpha has begun

"We've never done this before; it's a big experiment."

Prison Architect is playable at the Eurogamer Expo this week. Developer Introversion is also putting on a pair of special developer sessions at 3.45pm on Saturday and Sunday to talk about the decision to go for a Minecraft-style alpha sales model. Check them out.

EGXEurogamer Expo to host Rezzed PC and Indie Games Zone

Play Hotline Miami, Prison Architect, Natural Selection 2 and many others.

One of the things people said to us when we did Rezzed in Brighton in July was, "This is cool! Why don't you have something like this at the Eurogamer Expo?" And so, as part of our grand plan to make the Expo all things to all people, we're taking that on board and bringing Rezzed to the Expo show floor!

Prison Architect developer session announced for Rezzed in July

EGXPrison Architect developer session announced for Rezzed in July

Introversion's game also playable on the showfloor. Start of a week of announcements.

Introversion Software, the UK-based developer of PC classics Uplink, Defcon and Darwinia, will be delivering a presentation on its latest game, Prison Architect, at Rezzed next month.

The session will be known as "How Prison Architect rose, phoenix-like, from the still-smouldering ashes of Subversion". The game will also be playable on the show floor for all attendees.

Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show takes place at the Brighton Centre on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th July, and Introversion's developer session is currently set for 1pm on the Saturday.

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Introversion announces Prison Architect

Introversion announces Prison Architect

Darwinia dev tackles penal system.

Darwinia developer Introversion has announced a new game called Prison Architect.

In it, you "build and manage a maximum security prison", Introversion's creative mind Chris Delay told Rock Paper Shotgun.

No other Prison Architect details were offered.

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