Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time News

Get Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for free on PC

Ubisoft is giving away one game a month for a year.

Ubisoft: "Prince of Persia is being paused"

Video of rough-cut intro from stabled project is found.

Games bleeding into real life - study

Fantastical reactions to mundane situations.

Splinter Cell/POP HD Collections likely

More retailer listings for HD trilogies appear.

Gamers love POP film, says Bruckheimer

"Women flipped" during test screenings.

Prince of Persia movie trailer pops up

See Jake and Gemma go at it. So to speak.

Prince of Persia film footage released

Dust! Crowds! Fights! Muscles!

GOG enlists Sands of Time, BG&E

Ubisoft retro classics for USD 10.

Jake Gyllenhaal to play Prince of Persia

Love interest provided by Bond girl.

New Prince of Persia game coming

To PS3 and Xbox 360 this time.

Far Cry, Sands of Time free

Ubi titles ad-supported.

Bruckheimer still fancies PoP

As in the game. Not his dad.

PC Sands of Time for 10

Never played it? Do.

Ubi dates BG&E/POP for Xbox/Cube

What the hell did I just type?