Prince of Persia HD

App of the Day: Prince of Persia HD

If there were three words I wouldn't object to having etched on my face with a staple-gun to warn me against overuse they would be "mechanics", "delightful" and "charming". Every morning before I come to work I could see them in the mirror and think: "No John, not today. Not any day."

"Delightful" and "charming" in particular have become to mobile games writing what shiny foil is to magpies, and this has been the case ever since Andreas Illiger thrust Tiny Wings onto the stage with its upbeat hero and melancholic soundtrack. "Mechanics" is tricky enough to avoid under any circumstances, and it's only ever magnified by the ever-present touch-controlled elephant in the room. (Some space for "elephant in the room" can probably still be found on my neck.)

Anyway, App of the Day is no place to go into a lengthy explanation of Prince of Persia, so the short version is this: Viziers, Persia, princesses, spikes, warriors, swords, crumbling platforms, crashing ceilings and an OMG animation system created at a time when it would have taken someone six months to blindly work through a dictionary and solve that abbreviation.

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