Portal News

Portal writer Erik Wolpaw has left Valve

"You want your freedom? Take it."

This Portal-themed HoloLens mod is a triumph

Get ready to never stop thinking with portals.

Former Valve employee is suing the company for $3.1m

Alleges developer exploited minors for free labour, discriminated against transgender staff.

Steam Music Player lets you listen to your music while you play

Half-Life and Portal soundtracks DLC going free.

Valve developed the upcoming Portal board game

Publisher Cryptozoic says Valve's prototype required "minimal input".

J.J. Abrams and Gabe Newell want to collaborate on movies, games

UPDATE: Abrams really is in talks with Valve about Half-Life/Portal movies. "It's as real as anything in Hollywood ever gets."

Portal fan film director to helm big-screen Y: The Last Man project

New Line signs game fan to direct classic comic conversion.

GLaDOS voice in new Guillermo del Toro film

Pan's Labyrinth director a fan of Portal.

MOMA Mia! Plans for beefy video game collection next year

"Are video games art? They sure are..."

Valve's first hardware slated for beta next year

Weta makes a nifty Portal turret, too.

Portal Lego set goes into review

Get ready to think with Legos.

Valve counters EA's Steam sales "cheapen intellectual property" accusation

"If we thought having a 75 per cent sale on Portal 2 would cheapen Portal 2, we wouldn't do it."

From YouTube: Street Fighter 2 playing with Portals

Fei Long, Guile and Chun-Li in Capcom/Valve mash-up.

Valve does have managers, says ex-Portal lead

Kim Swift offers her take on Employee Handbook leak.

Swift denies pressure to top Portal with Quantum Conundrum

And insists she hasn't finished Portal 2.

Square picks up Portal co-creator's latest

Swift's first for Dark Void studio incoming.

Brink dev bellows Portal praises

"Greatest" design "we're ever likely to see."

Why Chet Faliszek is Valve's Mr Awesome

"I walk around the hall with my iron fist."

Lionhead loves BioShock and Portal

Shining examples of storytelling.

Free Portal downloaded 1.5m times

Less likely to crash on Mac, apparently.

Portal free for PC/Mac Steam

Full list of Mac games inside.

Valve updates Portal end sequence

We're already in the party position.

Valve teases with mystery Portal patch

Fans unravelling multi-layered puzzle.

Gabe Newell wins GDC Pioneer Award

For work on Steam and influential games.

Kim Swift leaves Valve for Airtight

Joins Dark Void dev to do new things.

Valve bundles 22 games for USD 99

Includes Left 4 Dead. Bargain!

Portal XBLA coming next week

Yours for 1200 Microsoft Points.

Pick up Portal for half-price on Steam

Better hurry though, offer ends today.

Portal: Still Alive content explained

Standalone game plus extra puzzles.

Portal 2 plot spoiled by casting ad

Voiceover recording to begin next month.

Valve: No new Portal this year

"I think you have to be ambitious."

Chunky Orange Box PS3 patch released

Should remedy many of the problems.

Orange Box PC separates get date

Same week in US and Europe.

Portal song heading to Rock Band

Elsewhere, Kim Swift says "Portal 2".

Portal wins GDC Game of the Year

BioShock bags multiple honours, too.

Another Bethesda Portal map

Since Valve's still quiet.

EA to split Orange Box components

So you can buy them separately.

"More Portal for sure" - Valve

Plus news on Gordon's whereabouts.

Portal: First Slice for NVIDIA users

Valve loves it some NVIDIA.

Buy a real Companion Cube

Weighted for your affection.

Bethesda makes Portal map

You can play it, too.

The Orange Box unlocked

Valve pushes the button.

Orange Box pre-load begins

Portal and Episode Two files.

Valve narrows down release date

For EpTwo/TF2/Portal.

Portal only four hours long

Plenty of time to flummox you.

Valve embracing DirectX 10

Episode 2 and TF2 to support it.

HL2: Episode 2 in winter

Orange and black box details.

Portal teaser site

Try cracking Aperture Science.

Valve details Leipzig showing

Real-time demos, says Lombardi.

Episode 2/TF2/Portal at Leipzig

Valve heading to GC 2006.

Half-Life 2 Portal video

See Episode 2 extra in action.