Portal 2 Videos

Video | Video: The best end songs ever

Sing when you're winning (at video games).

Video | Portal 2 DLC for the Razer Hydra

Extra levels for the new controller.

Digital Foundry | Portal 2 360/PC Face-Off Comparison

Source running on Microsoft console and Microsoft OS.

Digital Foundry | Portal 2 360/PS3 Face-Off Comparison

Is the PS3 version really the best console SKU?

Digital Foundry | Portal 2 PC/PS3 Face-Off Comparison

Computer and Console go head-to-head.

Digital Foundry | Portal 2 PS3/360 Performance Analysis

Valve's first cross-platform project compared.

Video | Portal 2 - first 15 minutes

Aperture Science welcomes Eurogamer back.

Video | Portal 2 co-op - first 15 mins

Eurogamer puzzles the first levels out.

Video | New Portal 2 trailer puts the boot in

Physics-flaunting Aperture tech revealed.

Video | Portal 2 clip touts turret tech.

"Just try and get close to that baby."

Video | New Portal 2 clip brings the hard sell

Beware: gratuitous robot cruelty within.

Video | Valve unveils first Portal 2 TV ad

"We're going to have fun with science."

Video | Portal 2 video has Valentines sorted

Aperture Science creates gift guide.

Video | Valve teases Portal 2 co-op

Orange and Blue GLaD to see you.

Video | Portal 2 co-op teaser

It takes orange and blue, baby.

Video | Portal 2 gameplay trailer

Laser eyes on this new footage.

Video | Portal 2 encourages pneumatic diversity

Equal opportunity death by suckage.

Video | Portal 2: Thermal Discouragement

If you can't stand the heat, pick it up and move it.

Video | Portal 2's excursion funnels bewilder and delight

"Churning tunnels of liquid asbestos."

Video | Portal 2's Faithplates

Have a little faith in GLaDOS and Aperture.

Video | Portal 2 gameplay footage

Looks like GLaDOS has learned a few new tricks.

Video | Portal 2 unveiled at Sony's E3 conf

The lack of announcement is a lie.