WiTtY sTrApLiNe HeRe.

There's no way to tackle an old favourite of '90s JRPG players and its eventual arrival in the West without preamble. Oh such preamble we shall have... long, meandering and highly informative the preamble shall be.


PoPoLoCrois originally graced the PlayStations of Japan in the 1996. Fortunately, the world has moved on enough since then that two things have happened. Firstly we are now deemed a developed enough region to see more Japanese games reach our heathen shores. And secondly, it's possible to fit the name PoPoLoCrois on the screen of a handheld, leading it inevitably to the PSP.

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Ignition has PoPoLoCrois

Surely... Nah, forget it.

Fans of conventional 2D role-playing games with frilly plots to do with Ice Demons and things will be pleased to hear that Ignition Entertainment is planning to publish PoPoLoCrois for PSP this spring.