Pokémon Y Features

In a city full of foreign language and customs, visiting Tokyo's Pokémon Centre is a strangely welcoming experience. It's hard not to feel a sense of familiarity when surrounded by some of Pokémon's most famous faces - even when they are staring down at you from endless shelves of action figures and plushies, cereal boxes and spaghetti tins, hats, backpacks and badges.

FeatureA new perspective: How Pokémon X and Y refreshes the series

Will the latest entries be a mega evolution?

After a brief farewell to your hometown you step out into the long grass, empty Pokédex in hand and an untested new Pokémon strapped to your belt. There are baddies to defeat, eight gyms to beat and lots of low-level bug Pokémon in the game's first forest area.