Pokémon Moon

Tearing up the rulebook but bringing back the fun, Pokémon Sun and Moon make for the best generation in more than a decade.


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23rd November 2016

Pokémon Sun and Moon review

A year ago, Eurogamer reported on Pokémon Stars, an expanded version of Pokémon Sun and Moon which sources had told us was then pegged for release on Nintendo Switch this Christmas.

FeatureInside the Pokémon black market

We speak to the breeders, genners and hackers who trade in perfect Pokémon.

Perfection is something many strive for but few obtain. In the world of Pokémon, perfection is shrouded in hidden mechanics and obscured by a meta-game often seen as tiresome by hardcore players. For the Pokémon breeders, genners and hackers, perfection lies in the unravelling and recombination of digital DNA in a bid to create flawless replicants. Welcome to the Pokémon black market, a community built on ethical reproduction with more than its fair share of grey areas.

Nintendo confirms full Pokémon game in development for Switch

Nintendo has finally confirmed it has a proper Pokémon role-playing game headed to Switch.

As expected, the project is in development at mainline Pokémon studio GameFreak - but the team is, for now, keeping schtum on further details.

As for when we'll see it, well, it'll follow the launch of Pokken Tournament DX on Switch this September - but how long after that will it release?

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Pokkén Tournament headed to Nintendo Switch

UPDATE: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon "exclusive" to 3DS - despite Switch listing.

UPDATE 4.25pm: In a bizarre turn of events, The Pokémon Company has found itself having to deny the fact Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are headed to Nintendo Switch - after listing the just-announced games as such on its own website.

If you've been keeping up with our weekly cooking series Chiodini's Kitchen, you'll know I've been stuck in a bit of a Breath of the Wild rut recently - there's something about the way Link cooks in his new open world adventure that's really exciting. While I feel like I could explore the ins and outs of Hyrulian cuisine forever, I'm aware there are plenty of other games worthy of coverage in the kitchen.

Midway through last year, I moved house. That's not hugely interesting in itself I know - everyone moves house at some point - but this was a big one, out of my old, rural family home and into a place of my own. Little country boy Chris in the big city, fresh off the tractor, all dewey-eyed and open-mouthed at the bright lights and bustling noise of the metropolis.

OK, before you read this piece, I want you to do two things for me. First, I want you to think about how long (in hours) you've played Pokémon for. And second, I want you to try to remember the names of as many towns and cities in the games as you can.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are Nintendo's biggest UK launch of all time

Pokémon Sun and Moon are Nintendo's biggest UK launch of all time

UPDATE: 3.5m sold in Europe and Japan already.

UPDATE 30/11/16: The numbers are in, and Pokémon Sun and Moon is officially the biggest European launch of a Nintendo game, ever.

1.5m copies were sold in the games' first week across the continent, with more than 368,000 in the UK across the game's first seven days.

Earlier this week we reported the duo marked the UK's largest Nintendo game launch of all time.

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Black Friday week is biggest for PS4 hardware sales since console launch

Black Friday week is biggest for PS4 hardware sales since console launch

Pokémon Sun and Moon combined sales top chart.

More PlayStation 4 consoles were sold in the UK last week than at any point since the system's November 2013 launch.

The reason? Black Friday and its surrounding days of deals.

Black Friday week in 2015 previously held this record. Presumably this year's new PS4 slim and Pro models helped push demand even higher.

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Pokémon Sun and Moon review

Pokémon has often been a series trading on nostalgia. That warm, fuzzy and sort of sickening feeling some of us are prone to when thinking back to simpler times of link cables, your dad's Game Boy, and maybe the occasional semi-exploitative playground trade. Pokémon's relied on the stirring up of wistful reflection for so long that even pointing it out feels like a tired and unimaginative observation itself.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Publisher: The Pokémon Company

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Pokémon Sun and Moon leak reveals version exclusives

Pokémon Sun and Moon leak reveals version exclusives

And it includes Red and Blue species.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are still over a week away from release, but details of the games have been trickling out online from those with early copies.

Now, players on Reddit have discovered the list of critters which are only available from a particular version of the game - and which owners of the other edition will need to acquire via trading.

Gibbon-like Passimian, lava tortoise Tortunator and Lycanroc's Midday forme are all exclusive to Sun, along with that game's legendary Pokémon Solgaleo (the one from the front of the box).

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Win tickets to Nintendo's Pokémon Sun and Moon launch event

Nintendo is holding a special launch event for Pokémon Sun and Moon in London later this month, and we have 30 pairs of tickets to give away.

The Pokémon Festival will be held on 22nd November 2016 at The Old Truman Brewery from 5pm to 10pm.

You'll be able to compete in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon's new Battle Royal mode, and Pokémon battle designer Shigeki Morimoto will be on hand to offer tips and to take on challengers.

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Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer dripfeeds yet more Alolan forms

Pokémon Sun and Moon's latest trailer has revealed a couple more Alolan forms for classic Kanto Pokémon.

The video below shows gooey duo Grimer and Muk in their fresher, more colourful, tropical guises.

But that's not all - among the dollops of new detail, there's a drip feed of entirely new Pokémon Sun and Moon critters.

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There's a ritual to starting a new Pokémon game, a formula of events which the force of nostalgia has set into stone. Leaving your childhood home, you pick your first Pokémon and battle your childhood rival, heading down Route 1 and into your first patch of long grass with an empty Pokédex but a pocket full of Pokéballs.

3DS sales nearly doubled last month in US retail following Pokémon Go craze

3DS sales nearly doubled last month in US retail following Pokémon Go craze

The aging handheld tops hardware charts, Monster Hunter leads software.

Despite being five years old, the Nintendo 3DS became the most popular selling system in US retail for the month of July, according to Nintendo via analyst group NPD.

While Nintendo didn't disclose exact figures, it noted that sales of the 3DS skyrocketed up 80 per cent compared to July 2015.

It's worth noting that this includes all models of 3DS: the original, the budget model 2DS, and the premium Nintendo New 3DS.

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These new Pokémon are some of the weirdest yet

UPDATE: A mud horse! A piece of fruit! Some petals!

UPDATE 19/7/16 2.05pm: The Pokémon Company has just released a fresh trailer showing off new critters to be introduced in this Christmas' Pokémon Sun and Moon for 3DS, all of which are named in English for the first time:

Pokémon leak reveals bizarre new designs

UPDATE: Big fish, little dragon, insect box. Confirmed!

UPDATE 11.15am: Nintendo has now gone live with the official reveal trailer for all of the below Pokémon, likely prompted by this morning's leak.

Pokémon Sun and Moon get release date, starter Pokémon revealed

The Pokémon Company has revealed new details on Pokémon Sun & Moon, the latest instalments in the phenomenally successful RPG series, showing off the starter Pokémon players will be setting out their adventures with and announcing both games are set to release in Europe on November 23rd - some five days after they're out in North America.

Pokémon Sun & Moon are both exclusive to Nintendo' 3DS and 2DS systems, and will introduce the Alola region - a gentle riff off of Hawaii, as the name not so subtly suggests - while marking the first all-new mainline Pokémon game since 2013's X & Y.

A new video introduced the starter Pokémon, with grass and flying type owl-like creature Rowlet, fire type Litten - an adorable black kitten - and water type Popplio, an acrobatic sea lion. And if you're thinking of picking Popplio over Rowlet or Litten you should have words with yourself.

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